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    Re-Editing Avchd

    Nevermind but thanks for the help. I figured out a way to make it work.
  2. rsongduck

    Re-Editing Avchd

    Never used that before but I will try. I want to be able to keep the quality as 720p or 1080p depending on the file. Any suggestions on the best format to choose from that list? I tried to use same quality and it worked for a file that wasn't already saved in the steps shown above. But as soon as I added a MPEG-TS file it freezes at the end once again. I tried saving a new file this way and tried to then again edit and burn that video and it worked so I might have to start doing it that way but the quality was not quite as good even though the option was to keep same quality. I exported a file that was 50.5MB and it saved as 40.2MB. Then exported this new file (with no editing either time) once again and it was 33.7MB. I tried a few and none seem to keep a file at 1080p but I can re-edit them so if no one knows why I can't re-edit the other files or how to fix it then maybe I will have to go with not as good of quality???
  3. rsongduck

    Re-Editing Avchd

    My point on the length is that I have tried it with short videos and long ones and it didn't work. I tried it with 2 minute long videos so it shouldn't be the length of the video. Step by step: I download a video. I take that video and edit it using Roxio Creator 2011 Pro and do the editing in Edit Video-Advanced. After I finish editing the video I click on 'Send To My DVD' icon then choose AVCHD for the type of video. Then click on Burn Project. Then I check 'Create Folder Set' which saves the edited file to a folder. I then rename that file and save it on my external hard drive usually. This file is now a MPEG-TS video file. This all works great up to now. The problem is if I decide that I want to edit this file further or join it with other files and do the exact same steps as listed in this reply, it will go through the burning process until it gets to the last frame of the video(s) and freeze. Even if I go back and edit part where it froze it will just freeze at the end of the newly edited video.
  4. rsongduck

    Re-Editing Avchd

    thanks for the replies...first the files are always going to be different lengths and sizes but many are short and some are longer so size or length should not be a factor. On the other reply, It sounde dlike you understood mostly what I was doing but I am just trying to figure out why I can't then take the file that I burned(create folder set) and re-edit that file? I have taken them and burned them to a DVD with Nero and then re-saved them to my computer and edited them again with Roxio but the quality is not as good and I want to be able to keep the quality and not have to waste a disc. Does this make sense now? It seems to be creating a file type that will not allow me to re-burn(create folder set) a second time.
  5. rsongduck

    Re-Editing Avchd

    Sorry, I should have just stuck to the point and not included any talk about VOB files. Basically, I am taking movies or football games or any video file and using Roxio Creator 2011 Pro edit video advanced to edit a movie and instead of making a DVD I save it in a folder on my computer as an AVCHD file. This saves the file as a MPEG-TS file in my folder. I then assumed that I could take that file and either edit it or combined it with other video files and make a new file. Example would be editing a football game, then editing another game and saving those separately to a folder. I then later took those 2 files and tried to edit them and make one file to burn and save to my folder but it gets all the way to the last frame and freezes. It only does this when one of the files was a MPEG-TS file that was created with Roxio. Hopefully this makes sense this time. Thanks,
  6. rsongduck

    Re-Editing Avchd

    I use Roxio Creator 2011 Pro edit video advanced to edit a movie and instead of making a DVD I save it in a folder on my computer. I have tried to re-edit these files later or just combine some of them to make a new file and it won't work. It always will let me do the edits but gets to the end of the burning process and freezes every time. I had problems with VOB files but saved them as .mpg and that worked. Do I have to do something similar? I am surprised that I can't re-edit files that I saved using Roxio...Thanks for any help!