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    Can't Install Bluray Plgin (2011 Creator)

    Did you get this resolved? I have the same problem. Sounds like I have almost same computer as you. Dell XPS with bluray burner. I bought Roxio 2011 separately. Roxio does recognize the blank bluray disc.
  2. Shuswapmike

    Adding Photos Without Shifting Music Track

    Thanks for the tips.
  3. Shuswapmike

    Adding Photos Without Shifting Music Track

    I want to add still photo with a title in front of a series of video clips. I'll have about 5 of these in my whole production. When I insert the photo it shifts my entire production music track by the length the photo is displayed i.e. 5 seconds. So the music track no longer starts in the currect place for each video clip. Just got another problem. Two empty panels have appeared in my production. Not sure how. They cause the video clip immediately following to skip. I cannot delete them by selecting and pushing delete. Edit and remove also doesn't do anything. I can locate in "find panel". It indidcates they are "empty" but won't let me delete. Any ideas? Thanks for your help
  4. When I add chapter photos to my completed video production the music track shifts for all the video clips. How to I keep the music locked on the video clips?