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  1. Hmm, never mind, maybe. I just put in a different cassette and this one is working fine. There must have been something wrong with the first two cassettes. Still, I don't understand why the camcorder itself would play even those just fine but VHS to DVD for Mac won't.
  2. Hi, I have been able to transfer video from VHS tapes in my VCR quite easily with no issue. But when I connect my Sharp camcorder (admittedly old; I got it in 1998) that plays the smaller cassette tapes (8mm), the playback on my computer intermittently does three things over and over again: a) switching from color to black and white and back again; flickering and vertical scrolling of the image; and c) it keeps losing the image and saying "no signal" for several seconds at a time, although once I import to iMovie the image is actually there -- but with all the image distortion issues. These things make the recorded footage kind of useless. None of these things occur on the monitor showing the playback on the camcorder itself, so I can't imagine it's a camcorder issue. I have checked and re-checked the connections from the camcorder to the computer over and over again -- all are secure. The vast majority of my home videos are on these 8mm cassettes, so it would be nice if I could make this work so it was actually worth the money I spent on the VHS to DVD for Mac package. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? vertical flip.tiff