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    Changing Highlight Color On Button

    Aaah! My mistake ... I meant to create a DVD not an AVCHD ... once I recreated the new project I was able to see the link colors. One other thing ... do you guys know how to change the order of links? Right now I have 15 links on my page split into 2 columns .... when I hit the DOWN button on the remote, instead of going down the items in the first column, it goes from LEFT to RIGHT and then goes to the next row ... is there a way of forcing it go down the column when i hit the DOWN BUTTON? Thanks for your help!
  2. I cannot select the highlight color of an unlinked button ... the option is disabled. I can only change the font type and normal display color. Also ... every time I add a new link to the page, all the other links are moved to the center of the page. They are not staying in the position I placed them in.