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  1. Just watched a 2011 Blu-ray I made which worked perfectly for awhile…now it's beginning to have places that freeze or jump…very annoying. How long are these Blu-rays supposed to be good for? I hate to keep burning new ones every few years. (using TDK BD-R)
  2. golferchris

    Blu-Ray Works Fine Until Last 15 Minutes...then Pixelates.

    Finally uninstalled Toast 10, uninstalled Final Cut Express 4 and reinstalled both (after trashing "preferences") and now it's all working. Thank you to everyone for "looking" and helping here.
  3. golferchris

    Blu-Ray Works Fine Until Last 15 Minutes...then Pixelates.

    Just burned a copy of a previous project fine. Have redone just the last 10 minutes of this "problem project" as a new project and it still starts to pixelate at the exact same place, even though this shortened project (10 min) is now the only project. Then redid all the transitions…same result. (Have been using the same Blu-ray disks for the last few years with no problems.) There is just something wonky about these last few minutes (which have been made the same way as the first part of the video.) Have changed all the variables, one at a time, and still same result. (Even changed the size of the photos in it…some were over 4 mb, so made all of them under 4 mb)…the transition is where things start to break down and pixelate, resulting in even the photos becoming pixelated. The preview seems fine…that's what is weird! No clue…getting quite frustrated. Thinking perhaps moving to Toast 11 might solve the problem? Hate to do that and continue the same! (Using Final Cut Express for making the video.) ANyone else with thoughts???
  4. golferchris

    Blu-Ray Works Fine Until Last 15 Minutes...then Pixelates.

    Preview with the Toast player looks perfect.
  5. golferchris

    Blu-Ray Works Fine Until Last 15 Minutes...then Pixelates.

    Burned a Blu-ray using Toast and the preview shows it all fine. Burned it to Blu-ray and the first 60 minutes of an 80 minute video is fine, but pixelates for the last 15 minutes or so. I rerendered it, and the same thing happened. I bought a new Blu-ray burner and it still is happening. The 80-minute video is 68 gb of video and stills (stills are less than 8 mb each, but many of them). I'm using Toast 10.0.9, with an Imac 27 with OSX 10.6.8 with 32 GB RAM. What in the world can I do now? Do I need to go to newer Toast? (PS...I've made MANY Blu-rays that have been fine...but all less than this 68 gb....so I'm wondering if this is the problem.)
  6. i Mac 12.2, 2.7 Ghz, Intel core i5, Mac OS 10.6.8 and Toast 10.0.9, Digistor external burner & TDK BD-R 25 GB discs - I have burned blu-rays for the past several years without any difficulty. Today I watched an 80 minute blu-ray video created last night and quality was fine until the last 15 minutes when transitions and video became markedly pixelated with normal audio. What should I do? Chris
  7. I have two videos I burned to one Blu-ray today. However, the second one, I noticed, was changed from the 1920x1080 to 1440x1080 when it was "dropped" on the window for the Blu-ray. The other one remained in the 1920x1080. When I checked to make sure that the original clips were in 1920x1080, they both were the same codec, same format. What happened?
  8. golferchris

    Toast 10: Plugin Won't Install

    Thanks…my bad…
  9. golferchris

    Toast 10: Plugin Won't Install

    I just installed Toast 10 that I got with my blu-ray burner. It needs the plugin for the video files I have. I downloaded ($20) the plugin. It "installs" and says "OK" with the big check mark but when I try to use Toast, it says it needs the plugin…so clearly it didn't install. Can someone help me, please? Thanks.