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    Usb Connection Issue

    I'm trying to get some help from Roxio - first they explained how to hook up the cables, then suggested that my mac usb 2.0 drivers might need updating - I have no idea how to update a USB driver on a mac, nor have I ever had to, nor can I find a single reference to updating a USB 2.0 on the apple site.
  2. dcappe

    Usb Connection Issue

    I have a Mac Pro running OS 10.6.8 when I plug my vhs into the converter and into the USB 2.0 port (any of the 4 on the computer) and start up the program I get the following "Please connect your Easy VHS to DVD Capture hardware to any USB2.0 port". I've changed the wires, tried starting the vhs before hooking up to USB, shut down machine, reinstalled the program and upgraded to v1.0.5..... nothing works. Please help