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  1. Looking for help in explaining how come audio is being stripped after inserting an mpeg file. The file with the audio works great in media player but only video portion remains when inserted into EMC 8. Here is what I did so far: (1) downloaded vob files from a video camera (2) joined them, since VOB has size limit (used VOBMerge) (3) using DivX to DVD program and converted the VOB to mpeg, two files were created (both work great in media player) (4) inserted both files to EMC 8, one mpeg works fine, the other only the video works, no sound Note: EMC 8 could not open my VOBs directly, even if I renamed them to mpeg Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Yogo
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  3. Despite all my efforts could not find a simple and effective way to join or merge different VOB files, would appreciate any help. I managed to join several VOB with a small and free program, but then ECM 8 asks for associated IFO files. Anyone knows how to join IFO files? I am new to the video world. Thanks Yogo