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  1. When I tried to burn a Blu-Ray disk with Toast 11, I can't find the option for blu-ray disk... I don't know what happen but does someone can tell me what is the name of the plugin file I should search in my backup files to recover this option?
  2. garsdesem

    Worth Upgrading From Version 11?

    Thanks theoldarchiver. As I can see, the voice-over and the screen recording are the only real improvements. If there are 100 menu templates now, this can be interesting too. I don't understand why they did not improve the way we build menu. I think I will wait for a real reengineering of this software. It is about time!
  3. garsdesem

    Worth Upgrading From Version 11?

    I try to find out what are the big improvements that will justify upgrading from Toast 11 Pro to Toast 15 Pro but I can't really find important things. Do i miss something?
  4. Thanks Tsantee, effectively, I'm using the Easy VHS to DVD Capture application (the software I got with the device) . Do you suggest I try the other application?
  5. Thanks tsantee for your comment. However, I got a lot better results on my old PC using a Hauppauge TV interface card using the modulated signal (i.e. through channel 3 of the integrated tuner). I can't believe I can't do better with my Mac!
  6. I recently digitized VHS tapes and I found that the image is pixelated (big square pixels) a lot (see attached picture). I try to read the video on a PC and I get same results. I don't understand as I did it many times before with better results. I'm using a iMac 2014 retina 4K. Can it be related to Yosemite? I posted the video on YouTube as a demo (http://youtu.be/kMLF4lA62a4) but the pixelation is a lot better (the pixel squares are a lot smaller). I don't know how Youtube can improve image quality like this? If so, I suppose I should find a software to give a treatment to the file but I would prefer by far to find a way to get best results with Easy VHS to DVD.
  7. garsdesem

    Does It Work With Yosemite?

    It works fin for me on my MBP 2009 and my iMac Retina 4K. However, I have image coming pixelated from time to time and I don't know why? Is it because the software try to compensate for the noise on the tape or is it because my VCR is getting old and give a poorer image quality? I will have to replace the VCR to make a test.
  8. garsdesem

    How To Recover Avchd From A Toast 11 Archive ...

    Thanks Tsantee, you are right, I have access to the data by control clicking on the BDMV file. Thanks again!
  9. On a Macbook Pro, I burned many bluray discs with AVCHD video file with Toast 11 on my Samsung external writer and now that I need to recover one video file, I only see a big BDMV file with a "certificate" folder aside. Inside the "Certificate" folder there is a "Backup" folder but it is empty. What do I do to recover the AVCHD files?
  10. garsdesem

    Loosing Too Much Definition Converting Mpeg-2 Videos

    Thanks for your help but, I am still loosing a lot of definition converting those MPEG-2 files and I don't understand why! I will continue to try every possible combination with the conversion tool and hope to find one that is adequate. Any other suggestion?
  11. I am a user of Final Cut Studio and I need to convert MPEG-2 720 x 480 vidéos for a new project as it is not compatible. Unfortunately, when I use the video converter in Toast 10, I can't find a video format that is satisfying among MPEG-4, Quick Time, DV and PRO RES 422. Each time I am loosing too much definition converting to the same parameters: 720 x 480. The only interested way I found is to convert to HD format 1920 x 1080 (with PRO RES 422) but it makes too large files for the result (as I see no difference between the original MPEG-2 and the new result) and it is not useful. Any suggestions?