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  1. When I tried to burn a Blu-Ray disk with Toast 11, I can't find the option for blu-ray disk... I don't know what happen but does someone can tell me what is the name of the plugin file I should search in my backup files to recover this option?
  2. garsdesem

    Worth Upgrading From Version 11?

    I try to find out what are the big improvements that will justify upgrading from Toast 11 Pro to Toast 15 Pro but I can't really find important things. Do i miss something?
  3. garsdesem

    Worth Upgrading From Version 11?

    Thanks theoldarchiver. As I can see, the voice-over and the screen recording are the only real improvements. If there are 100 menu templates now, this can be interesting too. I don't understand why they did not improve the way we build menu. I think I will wait for a real reengineering of this software. It is about time!
  4. I recently digitized VHS tapes and I found that the image is pixelated (big square pixels) a lot (see attached picture). I try to read the video on a PC and I get same results. I don't understand as I did it many times before with better results. I'm using a iMac 2014 retina 4K. Can it be related to Yosemite? I posted the video on YouTube as a demo (http://youtu.be/kMLF4lA62a4) but the pixelation is a lot better (the pixel squares are a lot smaller). I don't know how Youtube can improve image quality like this? If so, I suppose I should find a software to give a treatment to the file but I would prefer by far to find a way to get best results with Easy VHS to DVD.
  5. Thanks Tsantee, effectively, I'm using the Easy VHS to DVD Capture application (the software I got with the device) . Do you suggest I try the other application?
  6. Thanks tsantee for your comment. However, I got a lot better results on my old PC using a Hauppauge TV interface card using the modulated signal (i.e. through channel 3 of the integrated tuner). I can't believe I can't do better with my Mac!
  7. garsdesem

    Does It Work With Yosemite?

    It works fin for me on my MBP 2009 and my iMac Retina 4K. However, I have image coming pixelated from time to time and I don't know why? Is it because the software try to compensate for the noise on the tape or is it because my VCR is getting old and give a poorer image quality? I will have to replace the VCR to make a test.
  8. garsdesem

    How To Recover Avchd From A Toast 11 Archive ...

    Thanks Tsantee, you are right, I have access to the data by control clicking on the BDMV file. Thanks again!
  9. On a Macbook Pro, I burned many bluray discs with AVCHD video file with Toast 11 on my Samsung external writer and now that I need to recover one video file, I only see a big BDMV file with a "certificate" folder aside. Inside the "Certificate" folder there is a "Backup" folder but it is empty. What do I do to recover the AVCHD files?
  10. I am a user of Final Cut Studio and I need to convert MPEG-2 720 x 480 vidéos for a new project as it is not compatible. Unfortunately, when I use the video converter in Toast 10, I can't find a video format that is satisfying among MPEG-4, Quick Time, DV and PRO RES 422. Each time I am loosing too much definition converting to the same parameters: 720 x 480. The only interested way I found is to convert to HD format 1920 x 1080 (with PRO RES 422) but it makes too large files for the result (as I see no difference between the original MPEG-2 and the new result) and it is not useful. Any suggestions?
  11. garsdesem

    Loosing Too Much Definition Converting Mpeg-2 Videos

    Thanks for your help but, I am still loosing a lot of definition converting those MPEG-2 files and I don't understand why! I will continue to try every possible combination with the conversion tool and hope to find one that is adequate. Any other suggestion?