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    Thanks. I ended up re-installing windows 7 and all is ok now. I had the original Windows 7 disk. The only problem now is I can't get the updates.
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    Yes I am using Windows 7. I am 80 years old and never had a problem with EMC10 until now. Music is an MP3 which I have imported many times. What do you mean by bit audio? Hoping you can help as I am trying to make this video for my sister who is turning 70.
  3. Kuma


    I have been using Creator 10 for some time on Windows 7. All of a sudden I have this problem when adding files "One or more files you are trying to add cannot be edited, and have not been added. I am trying to do this in Videowave by adding a background music. Photos add ok. I have done this many times in the past and all of a sudden I get this error. I uninstalled and re-installed but keep getting the same area. Can anyone please give me suggestions.
  4. I am putting together a videowave file for output as to TV/VCR. Is there any way to loop it so it can play continuous?
  5. Ok! I broke the number of picture files in half, added music and it all works. Made 2 files rather than 1, therefore the problem looks like it has to do with file size? Thanks to all for your input.
  6. Good point. It is nice to have them all on one file and displayed on the TV with music. We are not sitting there watching continuously, but we can hear the music and when in the room with the tv see the pictures.
  7. Different sizes. They were all originally scanned or digital.
  8. I did a small file that was about 1 hour and 5 minutes with music and it worked fine streaming it to the Samsung. I guess VideoWave won't let me do the 1700 pictures with music and the pictures were set to 3 secs. But what I cannot understand is when I try to do the 1700 pictures without music, it still stops responding?
  9. The goal is to play the file on the tv with music accompanying the pictures. I made a very small file and it works. I have a smart tv and I send the file from the pc over the network using Samsung link.
  10. The file is created in VideoWave and saved as Production 1 The length of the pictures played in VideoWave is 2 hrs 52 min. When I try to use output as it is in the tv mode and as an mpeg file, then hit create VideoFile, that's when it hangs up
  11. I deleted all the music and just have the pictures. there are approximately 1700 pictures. When I do the output as--to video file--it still says "Videowave has stopped working" The file size without music is 5.24 mb I do not say any time when outputting.
  12. there are two files production.dat and production. It is mb not time.
  13. I have created a file called production.dat is 12mb andd production is 5.37 I use the output as then select video file. pal format is ticked off
  14. I have built a videowave file with about 1700 images and put music to the entire production. When I try to output as a videofile it comes back VideoWave not responding. Is there a limit to the size of the file?