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  1. When I try to write a video to disc using Easy VHS to DVD 3, I frequently get the message "There was a problem writing to the disc." I have successfully written several discs with this same setup but now I am consistently getting this error. I have tried a different DVD (I am using 4.7 GBytes 1x - 16x compatible) but I get the same error. I am limiting the amount I write to less than 1 hr of video. I've tried quitting the app and restarting but no joy. I will do a re-boot (it is Windoiws after all) and see if that helps. In the mean time, does anyone have a solution to this? Rich.
  2. I have burned a few DVDs over the months with few problems (they were burned in (I believe) the NTSC standard) . DVDs that I have burned recently now are encoded in the PAL standard and will not play on my DVD player . Can anyone tell me how I get back to burning in the NTSC mode? I do not know what made the format change from NTSC to PAL. Rich
  3. RichjB

    Wanted Ntsc, Got Pal

    Hi again Jim, It's been a while but I did resolve my problem. I contacted Roxio's Tech Support but they didn't seem to have much idea until one of their techies mentioned the settings on the 'Computer' tab. When I selected that tab and viewed the settings, I noticed that the output format was PAL. Ah ha I thought - we've found the answer . I set it to NTSC and tried to burn again but no joy! So much for tech support . Having been around Windows-based PCs for many years I new the standard approaches to fixing problems. The first approach is - you've got it - re-boot. I tried that but it didn't help. The next line of attack is - re-install software. Bingo - it worked so I'm now an almost happy camper ! Except that I toasted my DVD writer yesterday (I walked into it when the tray was open - Ahhhh ) so had to go buy a new one. The old one was 16x, the new one is 22x. Now, when I insert a blank DVD-R 1-16x DVD, Easy DVD... does not even see it! The DVD unit plays already recorded DVDs fine. So here's my question - is there a setting in Easy VHS to DVD 3 where I can indicate the write speed of 16x? Well, that was a load of words for a simply question - I hope you get this far! Richard
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    Wanted Ntsc, Got Pal

    Thanks Jim. I did change my settings a little while ago to have my Word doc measurements in cm rather than inches. Maybe I did something then. I'll contact Roxio Support and post the outcome. Rich
  5. Thanks Jim! I'll add 'could be Windows.' Following a re-boot, I could write to the DVD. Seriousdly, I don't think it is Windows. Your 'could be the media' maybe right. I am using Staples DVDs - who knows who makes them. I guess a DVD is not a DVD is not a DVD! I'll try Verbatim and JVC. I have used Sony DVDs and do not recall a problem there. I'll also look at prep steps. Thanks again!
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    Dvd Capacity

    Hi Guys, I have installed the Easy VHS to DVD software and experimented by recording about an hour of a VHS video then writing it to a DVD. It worked reasonably well but I was surprised to see that just over 1 hr occupied over 4 GBytes on the DVD-RW. I can't see how I can archive a 2 hours VHS tape to a DVD under those conditions. Everything I have read points towards being able to get at least 2 hour’s worth of video on a DVD. Has anyone else run into this issue? Could it be that the cable from the VHS player to the USB dongle is picking up some noise which interferes with the compression that takes place (I'm guessing that compression does actually take place)? Also, I was a little disappointed in the video quality; it seemed a little washed out. Thanks for your help... RichjB
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    Dvd Capacity

    I think my question has been answered. Thanks for all of your help guys !
  8. RichjB

    Dvd Capacity

    Great replies guys! Jim, I will try the Record DVD on a lower quality but as you say, may be disappointed in the quality. I could put the Video on 2 DVDs. That will be quite good for viewing since we'll need a washroom break halfway through anyway:lol:.