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    How to capture 60FPS

    I figured it out! I just needed to manually set the video output resolution from the Nintendo Switch itself to 720p rather then automatic.
  2. Jabberwockxeno

    How to capture 60FPS

    My understanding is that the Game Capture HD pro currently supports 720p at 60fps capture. The issue is, when I go to record footage, it comes out in 30fps and I don't see a FPS setting. I also tested it at 480p, and that is also still only 30 fps. The game itself and video output from the console is 60fps, so it's not that the signal is 30fps to begin with. My roxio game capture software build is 102B26A ENU; i'm running Windows 10 home. Is it possible that service pack 3 introduced new issues? Is there a way to rever back to 2.0 or 2.1 to check?
  3. Jabberwockxeno

    Screenshot File Format

    Is it possible to change the file type it saves screenshots as to png or other formats?
  4. Jabberwockxeno

    Recording In Mp4 Causes The File To Dissapear

    If I go to capture gameplay as an mp4, the file vanishes once I hit stop recording and the "wait" bar finishes. I checked to see if the disk space was still used up, but nope, once that bar fills up, the file is just gone, and the space it used up is freed. I tried running the program as an administrator to see if maybe it had to do with user permissions but it acted the same way.
  5. Using HDMI cable to capture, and I notice that when I color correct the capture before I start to record, it actually changes the colors on the screen where I am playing the game. I recall this being an issue before, but at the time I just worked around it by using compenent cables, but the xbox one doens't have compenent output, so I need to know a way to actually prevent or fix this.
  6. Jabberwockxeno

    Adjusting Color Settings Of The Capture Messes With The Colors On The Screen

    Really? It's only happened to me when I use both HDMI inputs and outputs. Anyways, I don't have another TV to use, nor do I have an HDMI splitter, at least not yet, i'm planning on getting some though, I was just hoping that there was a work around til then.
  7. Jabberwockxeno

    My Biggest Pet Peeve: Built In Picture Enhancements Effecting My Tv.

    Did you ever find a way to fix this? I'm having the same issue.
  8. Jabberwockxeno

    Various Issues

    After plugging in my capture device after not using it for a while, when I hit capture, I could not get the capture menu to work right no matter what I did. I tried to repair the instliattion, no luck. I unistalled and reinstalled, and now the capture menu won't even load. Furthermore, it says it's updated, when it's only at 1.0 I don't know what else to try and I cannot afford to purchase a new device.
  9. Jabberwockxeno

    Adding Transitions Offsets Sound

    If I try to add a transition in, the sound get's offset (it's in a seperate audio track) for the duration of the transition. And I can't just move the sound track over by that amount of time, as then it would be intersecting the sound segment before it. I'm rather new to video editing, so if this is something simple to fix, please let me know.
  10. Jabberwockxeno

    Adding Transitions Offsets Sound

    You have to mute the audio of the video.
  11. Jabberwockxeno

    Adding Transitions Offsets Sound

    You mean have the audio be in the video clip? I have the audio files seperate from the video ones as of now, and I'm editing a bunch of stuff together. If I had to go and resave every segement just to do that, the whole project would take twice as much time. is there no way to fix this without doing that?
  12. Jabberwockxeno

    No Audio Recorded If Headphones Are Used

    Basically, If I'm using a headset, roxio doesn't pick up the audio output, because the computer is only outputing it to the headset jack, not to the HDMI output. How can I get my computer to do both?
  13. Jabberwockxeno

    No Audio Recorded If Headphones Are Used

    Oh, so your audio isn't being transmitted via the HDMI cable? The thing is, my headset is a single ended cable. I need some piece of software or something that will tell my computer to output to more than one audio output at once.
  14. Jabberwockxeno

    No Audio Recorded If Headphones Are Used

    But the audio needs to go through the HDMI port. or am I misunderstanding?
  15. Jabberwockxeno

    Low Sound

    I need to turn the volume on my TV up to like 70 to hear anything, when without the device, I only need it on 20. This just started occuring, never had it happen before,
  16. Jabberwockxeno

    Low Sound

    Derp. The volume thing in the capture window just needed to be turned up. My bad.
  17. Jabberwockxeno

    Low Sound

    No, don't think so. I'm, using HDMI, already tried plugging/unplugging/using different HDMI chords. Didn't try switching the ones I used in input vs. output, but I doubt that it would change anything.
  18. Jabberwockxeno

    Bitrate For Maximum Quality.

    I'll admit, I don't understand bitrate as a concept that well. In my head, if you have to display 1000 frames of video at 30 frames per second, then you should be loading whatever data is needed per frame with enough time to spare for a smooth transition. Any faster is uneeded, any lower is deterimental. And it should be deterimined not by a file, but by the processing power of the device playing it. That's the end result when it comes to FPS anyways, right? Anyways, what bitrate is good for the max quality possible, for both/either 720p, 1080i and p? Would any other settings change the answer? Thanks!
  19. Jabberwockxeno

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Software Record Only 3 Seconds ?

    As in, two monitors? No, the game is on the same screen as the roxio software is. (PC, of course)
  20. Jabberwockxeno

    It'll Record My Videos, But Only About .4 Seconds Of It.

    It doesn't happen everytime you record. That makes me think it has to do with what's going on when the capture button is pressed, not the device or the software.
  21. Jabberwockxeno

    Roxio Game Capture Hd Pro Software Record Only 3 Seconds ?

    I just had this happen today. Never had this issue before.
  22. Jabberwockxeno

    Distorted Video When Capturing

    I'm no hardware expert, or even close, but your GPU looks a little low end. Try recording in 720p or 480, and see if it presists.
  23. Jabberwockxeno

    Bad Recording Quality

    Can you upload like a 10 second clip to youtube? What's your GPU?
  24. I've noticed that the amount of combing present in my videos (I record in interlaced) seems to be correlated not with the frames at any given time of what is being recorded, but rather, the exact point of time I hit "capture". If I hit capture at X point of in game time (I'm using halo 4's theater mode for a slo mo vid), then nearly the whole video has interlacing artifacts. But if I start recording at Y point in time, the whole video has close to zero interlacing artifacts, even if both videos cover the same period of time/same footage. This is really annoying, as avidemux can't deinterlace the video without re-encoding it, which would mean visible compression, and though VLC does a great job of deinterlacing while viewing, I can't seem to figure out how to actually get it to deinterlace the file. (Save-convert works, but how do I select the type of deinterlace?). Attached are four images to show what I mean. Two have clearly visible combing, two do not, but each pair is taken at the same moment of in game time, same frame, just different starting points of the capture session. No difference in what's running on the computer, no deinterlacing, etc.