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    I purchased my copy by download in Feb 2008. From what you say I have to update by new purchase. Thanks for your help. Dr Ogheda
  2. I recently downloaded Premier 10 to my new computer (Windows 7 64 bit). Each time I attempt tp load it, it sends the computer in too 'not responding' mode. When I force closure through Task Master, I then start to reopen it but all that happens is the 'Record Now Splash screen' appears and the computer totally freezes. Task Master cannot override so I have to force shutdown with the On/Off button. I downoaded the patch 'roxiorn10sp1' from your web site and unzipped it. When I run it I get the message 'Softwear Not Found' but the splash screen refers to 'Roxio Creator 2010 Service Pack'. can you help?