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  1. Dear sirs, resuming a VIDEOWAVE project (i.e.: Storie2021.dmsm) today after a few weeks, I have noticed that the sound in the various audio tracks is not working. There is no audio. The problem does not occur if I export the project to an MP4 video file. The audio works perfectly. Moreover, by clicking on 'Music' or 'Audio' in the tracks the following message comes up "No audio or original audio effect for the selection" (see attached file) instead of the usual UI graphics dedicated to the audio management. Some weeks ago, the project was not any trouble. I cannot understand what happened. I have uninstall e install again Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3, but without result. May you help me? (sorry, I know, the programm is an old edition, but it is importante for me now) Thanks for your attention and best regards. P.S.: s.o.: Wiundows 10 64bit
  2. Hi guys, I would like to purchase the ROXIO NXT pro 6 to update my ROXIO NXT 3 pro (very satisfied), but before to buy it, I would like to know if the MyDVD program presents in the ROXIO NXT pro 6, is like one presents in the ROXIO NXT 3 pro (see attached img.) because I do not want to change way to operate. I accept any improvement, but not total change. I suppose, furthermore, that the ROXIO NXT 3 pro projects are compatible with the ROXIO NXT pro 6 Thanking in advance and have a nice day. Giampaolo
  3. kana48

    MyDVD in the Roxio Creator NXT Pro 6

    Thank you at all for kind replies. I am sorry, but I will not buy any Roxio NT6. The MyDVD program in Roxio NT3 it is very powerfull than Roxio NT4-5-6 ones. I do not know why COREL has changed it. May be due to copyright reason? Have a nice sunday Giampaolo
  4. This issue has been comes out sunddely after a strange BSOD on my desktop windows 10. Now, when I launch the RoxioCentralFx.exe, the message "Roxio creator has stopped working" appears and the program stops (see attached images). Furthermore, attached a txt.file with more informations about the error and a DxDiag.txt file. Till yesterday it was running, today not. Further info: the programs VIDEOWAVE and MyDVD work without problem at moment. I have already uninstall and reinstall the CreatorNXTPRO3_Part1_Setup.exe and CreatorNXTPRO3_Part2_Content.exe, but the issue still present. Thanking in advance for any help from you. Errore RoxioCreatorNXTpro3.txt DxDiag20170320.txt
  5. Thank you at all for your support. I do not want to format my PC at moment. May be in the future. I know the formatting is an easy solution and may be the last solution, but It is very frustrating not to know the reason for failure by my side. Thank you again and have a nice week. Giampaolo
  6. Hi Brendon, I have installed the last Microsoft update, as you advise, but the issue still presents. BTW, I have news, about the trouble, I called "Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3 and the mistery of Windows 10". Upgrading from Windows8.1 to Windows10, the system saved all the programs stored in my PC and moved them to a specific folder named 'Windows.old', which contains the following subfolders; 'Program Files' and 'Program Files (x86)'. In the latter, the following subfolders are placed; 'Roxio' and 'Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3' containing the program 'RoxioCentralFx.exe' used to start the GUI of 'Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3' (see the attached image). If I launch the task 'RoxioCentralFx.exe' from the folder placed in 'E:\Windows.old\Program Files (x86)\Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3\Roxio Central\', the GUI of 'Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3' opens properly. On the contrary, if I launch it from 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3\Roxio Central\' a program error occurs and is displayed. Furthermore, if the program 'Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3' is launched using a second account in my PC, the program runs properly. Could you perhaps explain me why? Same "car", but different "drivers"...!!!! Up to now, a workaround has been available by means of creating a link named 'Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3 - link(E)' which launches the 'RoxioCentralFx.exe' program, placed in the folder 'E:\Windows.old\Program Files (x86)\Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3\Roxio Central\'. Thanking you in advance for your help in this matter, I send my best regards. Giampaolo
  7. Thank you @sknis for your kind suggestions, but I am not able to restore my computer to prior condition due to the restoring was not activated and it is impossible to know which windows updates I have to uninstall. Furthermore it should be to go crazy to follow any further windows update to avoid the working stopped of Roxio Creator NXT3. I will found out other video-editing programs better than ROXIO ones. I do not want to have more troubles by ROXIO programs, those of Windows 10 are enough I can to use the programs VIDEOWAVE and MyDVD because they are working without troubles, at moment Thank you at all. Giampaolo
  8. Thank you very much @cdanteek, I know it, but it worked fine till yesterday!!!! I am very angry about this. I am obligated to buy the Roxio NXT5. It is my opinion that is a bad policy by Roxio. Have a nice evening. Giampaolo
  9. Ciao Stefano, see your Personal Messenger box. Giampaolo
  10. kana48

    Effects Thumbnails Missing

    Thank you for your kind support. The thumbnails issue still present. I have tried installing the ROXIO XNT5, but not solved. Than I have returned it even because the MYDVD version was very bad. Furthermore I have contacted the Corel Support, but neither them have been able to find out a solution. By the way I will continue to work with my ROXIO NXT3 Thank you again and Happy New Year at all. Giampaolo
  11. kana48

    Modify Text In Nxt 5 Mydvd (Split)

    Sorry, but have someone informed the software engineer about this small error? :)
  12. kana48

    Effects Thumbnails Missing

    Thank you very much for your reply. I had already installed the MSXML4 SP3 but the issue still present. May be, I have to upgrade from NXT3 to NXT5. I think it will be the best solution. Have a nice week.
  13. kana48

    Effects Thumbnails Missing

    I have, just, the same issue mentioned by @disfan and when I click on them the question marks go away and the effects or texts, or Transitions or overlays appears and "previews". The effects, BTW, seams to work. I installed Windows 10 (clean installation). None issue with windows 8.1 I tried the Jim_Hardin suggestion, but not result. Please can you help me to solve this trouble? Thank a lot in adavance S.O: Windows 10 Roxio Creator NXT3 PRO
  14. Hi here. I would like to buy the Creator NXT Pro 4 in order to upgrade my Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3. Do I have to uninstall the NXT Pro 3 first (by Revo Unistaller) to install the NXT Pro 4? Thank you in advance for your replay. Have a nice day Giampaolo S.O.: Win 8.1 - 64bit CPU: Intel I7
  15. Thank you for your prompt reply. I have not any particular reason to change, therefore I will follow your advice. Giampaolo
  16. Hi guys. I am experiencing an issue with Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3 I am using a “Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3” to burn some CD audio. After the burning, I would like to save the project, but the program crashes and close just I tried to save it (see img. attached). By the Event Manager I have found out two error events as shown in the attached file. This is the first time that I do this burning operation. Furthermore, I would like to inform you if I use the “Roxio Music Disc Creator” it does not crash for project saving. Is there a solution to this trouble or not? Can you help me to fix it? Thank you in advance and have a nice day. Giampaolo S.O.: Windows 8.1 ROXICDaudioBurningError.txt
  17. May be, I have understood that the RGC device is "Roxio Game Capture" device. If it is that I have not it. Bye Giampaolo
  18. Thank you very much for your prompt replay... and patient. I will follow your further suggestions in the next few days, but what means RGC Device? Bye the next time. Giampaolo
  19. I can agree with you, but on my PC the problem is present. May be this is only in my PC (hardware or some library of O.S.). I repeated the all repair operations, but not result. Then I uninstall the whole “Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3” program and reinstalled it, but the issue comes out again. I do not know what to do. By the way thank you for your help and patient. Have a nice day. Giampaolo
  20. Sorry for the delay. Yesterday, I carried out some test on other computer. I installed the “Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3” in the my wife's laptop (win 7) and it has been possible to save the project. The “Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3” program did not crashed. Furthermore, I tried to do a test on an another my PC (win 7) where the “Roxio Creator 2012 Pro” is installed. The Roxio program did not crashed too. Then I suppose the cause of issue could be a bug of “Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3” program or some incompatibility with windows 8.1. At this point I will try to uninstall the "Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3" and install it again. Have a nice day. Giampaolo
  21. Thank you for your kind replay. I have tried to do as you suggested but no result. It is not a big trouble, but I would like to fix it. In the next days I will try to install the program in another computer (windows 7) in order to verify whether the trouble is due to a bug of the program or the DVD contents or the S.O. Windows 8.1. If you have any other suggestions I will be happy. Have a nice week. Giampaolo
  22. Hi there. I have the same troubles with .VOB files as mentioned in the first post of J@ck (here) Furthermore, I need to edit a video using a VideoWave, but the program does not accept any .VOB files. Why? I have followed a Jim_Hardin’s suggestions, but no result. I modified the extensions of three .VOB files, present in the VIDEO_TS folder, to .mpeg. The program accepts the files, but the total length of the video is just 29 sec instead 30 minutes!!!!! Has someone a suggestion to fix the troubles? Thanking in advance, I send you my best regards. S.O. : Windows 8.1 SUITE: "Roxio Creator NXT PRO 3” (purchased some three months ago)
  23. Very good point @myguggi. Those two folders are two different recording of a piece of the same film in two different definitions. I had named them in that way in order to avoid any mistakes due to I need to do some tests. Now, I named them as VIDEO_TS and put them in two different folders and the VideoWave program runs without problem. Now I can edit the VOB files. The mistake has been to rename the original VIDEO_TS folders. Thank you very much. . Have nice day to all. Giampaolo
  24. Thanks @myguggi for your replay. I add the VOB file as shown in the attached image. I suppose is the correct way. Furthermore, the list has shown in the second attached image. Have a nice day. Giampaolo
  25. Thank you for your prompt and kind replays. The VOB files are from home made DVDs. I dubbed a piece of film from a VHS cassette into a DVD. I had used a AVS4YOU Converter, no problem. Therefore, just a question. Why cannot the “Roxio Creator NXT PRO 3” do that the AVS4YOU can do it instead? I suppose the Roxio suite is not worse than AVS4YOU suite... Have a nice day. See you the next time. Giampaolo