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  1. Biggrand

    Update To Creator Nxt Pro

    Thanks Brendon. I try it. Biggrand.
  2. Biggrand

    Update To Creator Nxt Pro

    Grandpabruce thanks for your reply. But still my question. Do I buy an upgrade or full version, Because my old version is not on my laptop. Thank you.
  3. Hi, I have buyed Roxio Creator 2012 Pro with CD on 2/12/2011. And installed on a XP computer and later on a windows 7 computer. Now I have a windows 8.1 HP laptop. Can I install the cd on my laptop or need I to buy an update for Creator NXT Pro. Can I use an the update, because the programs are not on my HP laptop. Please will help me with my problem. Biggrand.
  4. Biggrand


    I have prepared my laptop for installing Roxio. Problem solved. Many thanks. Biggrand.
  5. Biggrand


    I have to reïnstall roxio Creator 2012 Pro on an older laptop windows xp. (On my first laptop with windows 7 no problems.) All the programs are working except Photosuite13. I receive the message : "Skin image "Loading.png" found but cannot be loaded" Can someone help me please ??? Thanks. Biggrand.
  6. Biggrand

    Videovave And Mydvd

    Thanks many times, Jim. I tried't out. My language is Dutch (Belgium).
  7. Biggrand

    Videovave And Mydvd

    Jim, Thanks for yours suggestions. My problem is : with my Test DVD I have seen looking on TV many black bars at the sides. Next time maybe better doing the settings in 4:3 on PAL. Can I change in this production (Paris2011) the blackground black and also fill the screen with my images ??? And if positive, how i do this. ???? Many thanks again. Sorry for my English. Biggrand.
  8. Biggrand

    Videovave And Mydvd

    Hi, I am new.I have Roxio Creator 2012 Pro with Windows 7. I have looked arround on the community site. I have created a slideshow using 355 photos, divided in 6 parts, using effects, transitions and music in videowave. So 6 parts and named in videowave as paris10nov.dmsm,paris11nov1.dmsm,paris11nov2.dmsm,paris12nov.dmsm,paris13nov.dmsm and paris14nov.dmsm. Setting up my productions in 16:9 and PAL, background black and show etire source. Now I have burned a test DVD in MyDVD an the most of my images are with black bars showing. Now I have tried to make 1 entire file of my 6 parts in videowave,and undo any mistakes but I can't add a dmsm-file in videowave. What can I do ???? After I must maybe created menus backgrouns an music. Can I change my production in 4:3 and maybe Fill screen and how doing it ????? Thanks for yours answers.