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  1. Frustrated & disapointed. Tried already suggested process by linking the file to the one of creator 2011. Followed also same process as described. None worked. All applications show: "No device detected". Will be away this WE and get back tuesday. Will see then if any solution would arise! in the meantime. Thks for all the help and concern.
  2. Downloaded "PX Engine". Problem still the same: No device detected. Any other solution? Thks
  3. The device is "read" & "burn". It reads all supports including blue ray. The make is LG reported on the disc drive (D) under BD-CE. It was working well with creator 2009 under Win7. I just re-installed Win7 and tried with no success to have crearor 2009 be installed again. I uninstalled creator 2009 then installed creator 2011 which does not find the LG device used very well by windows media system for CD/DVD.
  4. I am on Win 7. Just installed Ceator 2011. The software doesn't find the pc cd player (a LG which reads blu ray recordings) which on the other side is well accepted by all other applications. Can someone tell me where is the problem and how to solve it? Thks
  5. leberitou

    Label Creator 9

    Thanks for the suggestion. Believe I will go to a separate cd/dvd label creator software should other similar problems repeat again.
  6. leberitou

    Label Creator 9

    I use Win 7, ACPIx64 based PC, ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series, OCZ-VERTEXX2 ATA DEVICE 60 Go Capacity hard drive/6 Go available space (for programs) & 1 To capacity disc for data/608 Go available space. No unusual actions done, just started working with Easy Media Creator Suite 9.
  7. leberitou

    Label Creator 9

    After I filed a new label project I wanted to open the file later: it came out blank with a message saying " unsufficient memory". How can this problem be solved.