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  1. DaveJH

    Toast 11 Titanium With Mac Os 10.6.8

    Hello again the old archiver, Regarding my problem of MOTU/Digital Performer crashing Toast, I hope I may have found the cause. I believe there was a problem with not having the latest MOTU drivers. I had another anomaly independent of Toast. For some while(several months) I had been unable to update Digital Performer to v9.5. The update would simply not open. Whilst trying to correct this I downloaded latest MOTU drivers. This cured the problem and allowed v9.5 to open and run. Guess what!? Yes, Toast is not now upset by Digital Performer or its hardware. So this is just to let you know that one of your suggestions (re drivers) was spot on. Many thanks for your help...... Dave
  2. DaveJH

    Toast 11 Titanium With Mac Os 10.6.8

    Hi theoldarchiver, Appreciate your reply. I'm not sure I'm getting anywhere! I booted up using a Guest user account and at first all was well, Toast launched few times(maybe 6) then refused to launch completely. I went back to my main user account, same thing - refused to launch repeatedly. Next I disconnected everything non Apple (3 external USB drives and four audio interfaces using FireWire) and booted up again. Hey presto! Toast launched ok. So I remounted each drive(verifying with Disc Utility that each drive was ok), then switched the audio interfaces on again. I did this one device at a time checking that Toast launched ok each time. At the end of this everything was connected again, and Toast was ok. However, a restart with everything connected was followed by repeated refusal of Toast to launch. At the moment I am finding that my audio interfaces do effect whether Toast will launch or not! Sometimes, I can switch one of the four interfaces off and Toast will then launch, but it's not always the same one! Sometimes after a successful launch of Toast with one interface off, switching it on again does not cause it to fail to launch. It's all inconsistent; but a restart nearly always causes problems! I should say that once Toast has launched ok, it doesn't seem to crash - it's always on LAUNCH that there's a problem with a failure report generated like the one I sent you. The SIGBUS line is always the same though. Not sure what's next......
  3. DaveJH

    Toast 11 Titanium With Mac Os 10.6.8

    Thanks theoldarchiver. Ive tried trashing prefs etc as you suggest, and reinstalled Toast from it's disc, but problem still happens. Also opened another account and same thing happens. So I have experimented further... I can now say more accurately what the symtoms are. When launching Toast 11 it refuses to open at all (it does not crash once it's open). That may seem contradictory but I can explain; by switching off my audio periferals (MOTU 2408, MOTU HD 192) before booting up the computer, Toast launches fine. I can then switch on the two interfaces and Toast continues to be fine. But do a Restart and Toast will not run again until I've restarted without the 2408 and 192. This wasn't like this for many years, but has happened recently. I can live with this situation as long as it doesn't deteriorate further..... But I would dearly like to know the cause. I should add that I've got two other audio periferals - a MOTU Midi Timepiece amd a Behringer ProGain (lightpiped to the 2408). But these don't seem to effect Toast on power-up in the same way as the 2408 and 192.
  4. DaveJH

    Toast 11 Titanium With Mac Os 10.6.8

    I have been using Toast 11 Tit. successfully for many years on my Mac Pro with OS 10.6.8. Several days ago it refused to open at all repeatedly giving the report attached. After removing the Application as per Roxio's instructions together with all prefs etc. AND Repairing Permissions on my system drive, and then re-installing from scratch from my Toast 11 T disc A NUMBER OF TIMES, the same thing happens every time. So Toast is unusable for me at present. I'm prepared to accept that I'm missing something; I've been in the game too long to be proud any more, but is there anyone out there who can help me work out what the problem is? DH