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    Mydvd Project

    I am trying to create a MyDVD project from 5 slideshows. The slideshows were created in 4:3 aspect ratio. I have taken each file and outputted an as .AVI file. I opened MyDVD and imported each file and separated by chapter. I have two issues: 1. The submenu thumbnails are either all black or white. I thought I could change this by using Select Thumbnail, but that doesn't change anything. It looks pretty stupid. 2. The video preview is in 4:3 but it cuts off the sides. That didn't happen in the slide show. Maybe this will disappear once I burn. This is a lesser issue. I really want to clean up the thumbnails. This is going to be a present for my wife and, if I pull this off, she will be very happy. ADDITION I've determined that I can use Select Thumbnail for all chapters except the first one. It has a lock on it and is listed as a locked chapter. I'm guessing that's why I can't change the thumbnail. Anyone know how I can unlock the chapter? I don't remember clicking anything to lock it. Thanks.
  2. JJL JR

    Creating Play All Button

    I understand that to create a play all button on MyDVD, you need to open a project and add the movies created into the new project. My problem is that I created 4 movies in the same project and, from what I read on this forum, I can not create a play all button with this setup. Is there any way for me to save these movies separately so that I can combine and then have a play all button? Thanks.
  3. JJL JR

    Creating Play All Button

    Thanks. Yes, I want a play all button and the option to select a particular movie. To make sure I understand, you're saying that I need to start over and recreate each movie as a separate VW project. I can then combine the 4 separate VW files into one myDVD project. Is that correct?