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    Roxio Creator 2010 Pro - Blu-Ray Burning Speed

    Hmm, output format - I am not sure what to check. It's a Blu-Ray or sometimes an AVCHD project, quality "same as original". What should I check if that's not what you were asking? I ran that test - software rendering didn't make a difference that I can tell. It finished the rendering ("Encode Movie") of a 2:55 clip in a bit over 9 minutes, or about 10:45 for the entire burn to an ISO file, with either hardware or software. That fits with my three-hour Blu-Rays taking 10 hours to author. Sigh.
  2. rthurlow

    Roxio Creator 2010 Pro - Blu-Ray Burning Speed

    The vast majority of the stuff I burn is from PBS, which is 1920x1080 @ 29.97fps - I just looked at a Nova, and the header bitrate it reporting as 19.4Mbps. Another project is some captures from a set-top-box via an Avermedia ER130 capture box; those files are also 1080i at more like 15Mbps. I am sure I have done a little upconversion in my day, but I can't remember the last time I did that. I still need to try software encoding. I started a new project last night, and I neglected to try it, and it's still running. In my defense, I was tired as anything last night :-)
  3. Well, the BD-R that won't read has zero visible files according to Windows, so it's quite pooched. I didn't trust Roxio to read to ISO and then write. I found I had Nero, whose disc copy function works fine, thank you. Roxio looks just busted. I have a solution.
  4. rthurlow

    Roxio Creator 2010 Pro - Blu-Ray Burning Speed

    Hi Jim, thanks. More info: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP 1 (also have a Pro license around) Gateway DX4860, Intel Core i5-2300 @ 2.8GHz, 8Gb RAM Windows Experience Index 4.7 Free space on boot drive is about 560Gb, 350Gb used Interesting about software rendering - I saw that in the menus but never experimented with it. I'm sure it's set for hardware right now. As far as projects, a very typical and relevant thing is "Nova" or "Nature" episodes of note from my Tivo Premiere. I decide whether I want something at all, and if it merits HD. I'm doing more with HD as media prices have fallen. It's going to take me longer to burn my backlog than to watch it by a factor of about 4 :-)
  5. I will have a closer look at the file structure when I get some time this weekend. I don't know Blu-Ray as well as I knew DVD. Re: burned discs, the working original was a burned disc authored with Roxio, and the original plays well. Digital Guru, yes, though I did the copy in one step without touching the intermediate ISO file. Interesting extra data point: I authored another disc and selected the option in the Burn dialog to also save an ISO. I burned that ISO and that copy worked. So at least I don't have to re-author everything in future.
  6. One more while I'm here. I transfer shows to save over from my Tivo and burn them, I am pretty boring. Roxio Creator 2010 Pro burns DVDs pretty well on my system, but Blu-Ray is pretty awful - 10 hours to author, and no way to ask it to burn a second copy on those rare times when it might be nice. Ouch. My machine is not really great, I'm aware - I have a Quad-core Core i5 with (hold your breath) integrated graphics, no add-in card. Simply for bang for the buck, would it be more effective to upgrade to the newest Roxio for better algorithms, or buy a graphics card to get some GPU help with the rendering? What's a sweet spot that would cut the time down nicely without any real diminishing returns? Thanks, Rob T
  7. Hi folks, I have some self-burned Blu-Ray discs of video captures, and wanted to make a copy of one of them for a friend. I used the "Copy Disc" tool in Roxio. The resultant disc did not load and play on my Blu-Ray player. With DVDs, I could always do this - the ISO image was complete, and a copy was always usable. How can this even not work? What do I need to do to make a proper copy? Rob T
  8. Thanks for the confirmation. Rob T
  9. First off, thanks for helpful reply! Agreed, I'd be surprised if the app were 32-bit. I need the OS to be the 64-bit variety to address the memory (8Gb now, plan to expand). I know video is mostly an I/O play. I am using the on-board graphics on all of my machines. The 32-bit XP and 32-bit Win7 machines run well, just slowly. Sounds like a positive nod to try 2012. No problem, the only thing I have done is run regedit as suggested in these steps: http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx?URL=/content/kb/Creator/000207CR&PARAMS= Refurbished Gateway DX4860 with an Intel Core i5-2300 CPU, 8Gb RAM and 1Tb hard drive, running Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. I'm using the on-board Intel HD Graphics with a Win7 driver from October 2011. I don't game, so I haven't bought a graphics card in a very long time. I don't have media with the refurb (dang it), so a clean Win7 install is out unless I buy another license. It's a standalone, networked PVR in my home theater room, and I can offload programs to a PC with TivoToGo software and treat it like an external drive. Under ideal conditions, I can turn the shows into DVDs, AVCHD-on-DVD media for a Blu-Ray, or a Blu-Ray. Roxio is one of the software packages that handles the TivoToGo files, not that that's terribly hard; VideoReDo appears to do this without the AVCHD or Blu-Ray options. Thanks for the tips. I have done some updating but not all, and I have not used the Revo Uninstaller. I will give all of that another try and report. Thanks, Rob T
  10. So I have to ask the question in the subject line. I have used Creator 2010 on XP on ancient hardware without major problems (just way too bloody slow), and I tried it tonight on 32-bit Windows 7 Home Premium on a Core 2 Duo - again, works but slow. On the only good machine in the house, a Core i5, I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, and MyDVD is a train wreck of hangs and crashes. There's another thread where I try to collect as much information as a good software test engineer if you want more detail. If anyone has tried them, do later Creator releases get any more stable? I am pretty unimpressed with this stuff I have, and am worried about throwing good money after bad. Finally, can anyone suggest GOOD software capable of turning recordings from a Tivo Premiere (MPEG 2 with wrapping paper) into working DVD, AVCHD or BluRay media? Thanks, Rob T
  11. So helpful, I bet you feel proud. Let me know if you need more straight lines. Rob T
  12. Would be nice, but there's pretty much nothing and nobody over there. All of the similar sounding subject lines appear to be right here. Thanks for the suggestion, though. Rob T
  13. Wow - nothing in a month? Have people just stopped using this crappy software? Rob T
  14. I have been using Creator 2010 Pro to burn Tivo shows on a fairly old Dell with 2Gm RAM and and old Celeron running Windows XP. It has been reliable, though the memory limitations and the speed makes most burns overnight things. I recently went looking for an upgrade. I got a refurbished Gateway DX4860 with an Intel Core i5-2300 CPU, 8Gb RAM and 1Tb hard drive, running Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. I have not installed much on the box yet - Firefox and the Tivo Desktop are about all. I have pulled some programs over from my Tivo Premiere, since a key early goal for this machine is to burn DVDs and later Blu-Rays from Tivo shows. I installed Roxio Creator 2010 Pro, and that went well; I let it fetch service pack 1 pretty early on. Then I noticed something odd - I could burn "Shrek 3" or one-hour PBS shows, but when I tried to burn two-hour PBS shows, the program would consistently crash when I tried to add the file to a project. I would get a "VideoWave has encountered a problem and needs to close" error. I then went and installed Service Pack 2 for Creator 2010 Pro, and the fun really started. I was unable to burn anything - I usually got to 97% and the job hung at encoding menus. My project intro would show green with a bit of noise where it would normally show the first frame of the show, and chapter marks would show a similar green screen. I took pains to uninstall via a procedure I found on the Roxio site: http://kb.roxio.com/search.aspx?URL=/content/kb/Creator/000207CR&PARAMS= I then reinstalled Creator 2010 Pro, after making sure Windows Update was happy. I get "VideoWave 12 has stopped working" with an APPCRASH of VideoWave12.exe in msvcrt.dll on anything I try to create. I then checked for updates and see one from January 2010, which I believe is Service Pack 1, and I got that installed. The crash looks the same as above, so I have lost ground from my first install. I then checked for updates and see one from May 2010, which I think is Service Pack 2. I installed it. Now I see the same green previews and the same hang at 97% on encoding menus (prior to actually burning to DVD). The hang at 97% happens if I burn to ISO as well. After the hang. I can cancel and close the application gracefully, but hours can pass at 97%. For the curious, this is what I am doing to reproduce this. I start the Roxio launcher and select Create DVDs, select standard definition DVD, click "Add New Movie" and pick out a Tivo show, then I click on the burn button and wait. I would muck more if I wanted this DVD (killing menu sound, adding chapter marks), but simple is enough to reproroduce. Is there a known fix for the hang I describe? Is there any known way to uninstall and reinstall Creator 2010 Pro that doesn't just produce exotic new failure modes? Is there any other DVD burning software that can be taught how to handle Tivo files? Thanks, Rob T