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    Hd Dvd

    I found the fix for the Toshiba HD DVD Player for Windows 7 32/64 bit. I installed the software, but was not able to get it to work, it kept giving me an error; 'modules missing'. After doing allot of checking on Toshiba's support site I found an update to Vista Service Pack 1. If anyone is having the same problem you can search for it under; app_hd_dvd_player_os2008084a. Make sure to set compatibility to Windows Vista Service Pack 1 in Toshiba HD DVD Player properties.
  2. BobSki1231

    Hd Dvd

    Thanks for your help and your right I'm SOL! The program that that was used was Toshiba's HD DVD Player. I have the installer which will install the driver and software, but its not compatible with Windows 7, and Toshiba is no longer supporting it. Oh well . . . thanks for replying and trying to help.
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    Hd Dvd

  4. BobSki1231

    Hd Dvd

    Thanks for your reply! Its the obsolete HD that came installed with the Toshiba Satallite X-205 SLi-3 when it was purchased new. Received 6 HD movies with the satallite. Guess its really not a big deal, the player still works and plays CD's/DVD's. Just thought if it was just a codec or something simple that would still recognize the movies then that would be great. I recently installed an additional to gigs of ram and did a clean install from Vista to Windows 7. I had Roxio 2011, and just installed it, thinking it might recognize the HD movies, but when I try and run them on Roxio's CinePlayer it doesn't recognize the HD Drive.
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    Hd Dvd

    Just installed Windows 7 64bit on a Toshiba Laptop X-205 Sli-3. I have Roxio 2011 installed, and would like to play some HD Movies that I was able to play under Vista using Toshiba HD Player software with a Toshiba HD DVD Rom Drive. The Toshiba HD Player will no longer work on on Windows 7. CinePlayer and WMP plays other DVD movies, but will not recognize the movies in HD. There is no firmware upgrade for the DVDW/HD TS-L802 Drive for Windows 7, I've already checked. Does anyone know how to get these HD movies to play either under CinePlayer or WMP under Windows 7? Not sure if I'm missing a codec that is needed, tried checking but was not sure what to install. Attached my system specs from dxdiag if that will help. DxDiag.txt