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  1. I have a problem and am not sure where to start. I don't know what to even call the problem. Maybe someone can help? I am trying to capture VHS from a combo VCR to Roxio. The picture image and audio quality are fine, but the video frames skip or get jumbled up. Sort of reminds me of the old Max Headroom character on TV. Anyway, I watch the captured video frame by frame and there I can see the frames get out of order, causing a glitch. My setup: Win 7x64, 4gb ram, geforce 8800gts, Roxio Creator Pro 2012 and roxio capture device UB315-E ver3. I am using a newer JVC dvd/vcr combo and using the analog rca ports with gold plated cables. I turned on the Win gadget that shows cpu and ram usage and both stayed below 30% when capturing. Any idea?
  2. schooled

    Interrupted Install Win7 64 Bit

    I normally am not the right guy to help you. But the regulars may be on vacation. (I say that bc your post has gone unanswered for 10 hours now) This may save you some time. Take a look at your disc and check this out.
  3. just saw your posts. we may have had similar issues with Creator 2012. I finally have mine working, only after I downloaded it. look at my posts, you may find an answer. If you have physical disc that you ordered from roxio, but it is a burned cd, then that is the problem. just helping out.

  4. Hello Jon @ Sonic, I guess being late to the game is better than not showing up at all. If you look at the (now) second post in this thread, it answers my problem. I posted the "best answer" for the problem. It is not my machine and I am a bit insulted by you suggesting so. You have no idea how many tricks tried and how many hours spent trying to get this to work. Myself, sonic boom and cdanteek have solved the mystery, I am sure of it. Question now becomes, who does what with that information? Unfortunately, this forum has absorbed the bulk of my frustration, a frustration that came from Roxio tech support. Now, I know the world isn't perfect and things can go wrong. But the last thing I need is insult to injury. I understand I have posted in a few threads. If only my posts weren't moved around everything would certainly would have made more sense. I did delete my first post, and moved it, then everything got weird. I think there are some proud, but defensive and certainly trigger happy mods on this site. All is seemingly OK now. I easily downloaded and installed a good version of the software. See, not my machine. (somewhere I wrote that I have also since bought a new laptop and tried to install it there without success). My only question at this point, as seen here, is Roxio willing to compensate me for my misery, frustration and ultimately help in figuring this nonsense out? This is a question, not a demand. Good Day.
  5. OK, ignore all of this thread. If you have a Creator 2012 DISC and it rolls back during the installation process and says "Creator 2012 installation was interrupted", here is what you do: Throw it in the trash. Get a hold of customer support and demand a new copy or a downloaded copy. Make sure to save the cd key # that came with your disc, you will need it. The problem I found is that CustomCD makes copies of discs for Roxio. Evidently they made a large batch of bad discs and sold them to the public. Customer support at Roxio seems to be completely oblivious to this fact. You can see and read how to tell this disc from others here. Good luck ad BTW, there are places to download a good version of Roxio from the net. Just ask around.
  6. schooled

    Roxio Store Discs?

    Once again I wasn't clear. I bought a COPIED DISC of the software that I wanted. There is a big difference in quality, longevity, and compatibility between a factory silver disc and a burned blue -+R disc. The reason I bought the disc instead of the download was for longevity. Install the software then tuck the disc away for future use. I suppose I can burn the downloaded file to a disc and save that, or even save the file on my EXT HDD, but that's not what I wanted. Furthermore, after 3 weeks of software nightmares, missing deadlines for no dvd's being made and changing only God knows what settings on my computer to get this to work, at the very least I should get a refund or upgraded to the Pro version. Sorry, probably the wrong place for that, just ranting. It was very frustrating not having software install. I was wrong after all this. It's not a WIN 7 issue, its an issue with how Roxio sells it's product. Using a 3rd party to rapidly and cheaply make copies to sell to the masses. I THOUGHT I would avoid that by buying from Roxio directly, but again I was wrong. Definitely a learning lesson.
  7. schooled

    Roxio Store Discs?

    Installed, works and here is the proof I bought a copy of Roxio...
  8. schooled

    Roxio Store Discs?

    I did and I saved it, but haven't installed it. I was waiting for the "official" link, is there any difference? Will I need a key for either one? What I meant by "I cannot do that" is that I can't see the disc info. Of course I can snip or prt. screen.
  9. schooled

    Roxio Store Discs?

    cdanteek, I would love to do that but unless Windows 7 has software that will allow me to do that, I cannot do that. Unfortunately, my Roxio disc is nothing more than a coaster at this point as I have not yet been able to install it. Customer support is supposedly sending me a download link.
  10. schooled

    Roxio Store Discs?

    Here is what I received. This disc on the right is for the roxio video capture usb. I flipped it over to show the burned image. On the left hand bottom of the cd case, you will notice the same CustomCD imprint that is on the disc, with the same order number. Also, the creator disc is covering up the key # printed on the back of the case.
  11. schooled

    Roxio Store Discs?

    Bluish burned disc it is, it is.
  12. schooled

    Roxio Store Discs?

    My disc seems to have been custom made. I didn't notice it before, but it was made on the day I ordered it, and even has an order # and barcode printed on the front. (I'm still waiting to hear back from support) You should be able to clearly tell this is a burned disc by looking at the back also. link to CUSTOMCD
  13. OK, I have already moved all the installation files from the disc to my hard drive as an attempt to install this software. Does someone want to give me a good copy of Data1.cab and tell me where to paste it? Would that fix my issue?
  14. SonicBoom, I see in another thread you asked if the disc was silver or purple-ish. why does this matter? My disc is direct from Roxio and it is the purple-ish colored disc. So does this mean my disc is a bad copy made on someones pc and not direct from a manufacturer? Could this be why it won't install?
  15. I did in another thread found here.