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  1. I purchased it online and ordered a backup cd. I got one key from my e-mail and then one from my "account" when I tried to "re-download" recently, I think. It is purchased and all above-board. I really need to get this up and running, as it is that I am patenting new technology and am using demonstration videos I make, and am right in the middle of it with not all the text complete. What do I need to do? Inventison
  2. Sorry, I uploaded the sysinfo file twice. Here is the log file: LogFile 12-01-08 19-53.zip Inventison
  3. Help! I cannot re-install. What led to this? I had a lot of crashes and hangups, sudden shut-downs, and pixellation of graphics in my timeline. (the thumbnails of items in the timeline were gradually less and less discernable, including the representations of transitions, weird.) I did not screen-shot this, because I thought a re-install would help. I would get crashes during rendering. I would sometimes crash when leaving an internal track. I un-installed using control panel/ uninstall. Tried to re-install using cd. Interupted, try later. Same after downloading and trying it. Anyhow, I now get the message that "the installation was interrupted, try again later, your system was not altered." There is also a lot of inactivity during some part of the installation relating to "USB", but I can't remember what. I recently switched to Norton Antivirus. I re-downloaded the software and got the same thing. My system: I previously had problems with resolution of output, but solved it by changing saturation, etc. I mention this because a couple of my source files are uncompressed and are about 1 gig, they are therefor sharp as a razor resolution-wise. I have done a ton of editing to make a 3 min video. I hope the size of these files has not created some terrible effect in rox2012 that got worse and worse. Also, the problems that led up to my decision to re-install became worse as I did more overlays and had more complex tracks. 1) Why can't I re-isntall? 2) What caused things to progressively break down? (crashes, render crashes, pixellation of thumbnails in timeline, etc.)? 3) Is my system or video card too weak? Ram problem? 4) Do they pay you an awful lot to put up with these posts? I hope so! Here is the log file: Inventison LogFile 12-01-08 19-53.zip
  4. Inventison

    Just Purchased 2012 Pro But...

    Sorry Guru, did not get the file name changed. I am logged in to UpForDown as Inventison. How do I make the file available to you? It is called red brick floor blah blah blah. Inventison
  5. Inventison

    Just Purchased 2012 Pro But...

    Dear Guru, There is still some rendering problem. This time, I used Carrara 8, (as before), to render at 1280 X 720, an uncompressed AVI. I then loaded that clip into VW and rendered as Windows Media Video 9, 1280 X 720 VBR. Note the loss of red in the rendering, and the loss of the richness of the blue. It seems I am not having detail problems, but richness, and/or color problems. I need to get this animation into VW, interspurse some clips of real-life video, then render it all. This video will be used for a grant application for the ammount of $1,153,000. (Literally, the SBIR grant, and I have a good shot at it!) The crisper the animation the better. I considered using Carrara to generate the final rendering, but then cannot put in real-life clips. I am uploading a file to where you suggested in a few minutes. It will be called "HELPMEGURU". I am at the your, mercy, oh digital one. Inventison
  6. Inventison

    Just Purchased 2012 Pro But...

    I was making the size so large in order to get high resolution when viewed. I will try to make it the size you suggest and then get back to you. I understand what you are saying. Once I try it with a known standard, I will re-evaluate. Thanks! Inventison
  7. Inventison

    Just Purchased 2012 Pro But...

    Thank you for your fast reply! I apologize for the lack of information, I know from reading the other posts that is frustrating too you, and was unintentional. I have tried: DivX HD 1080p@30fps DivX HD 720p@30fps Mpeg High Definition 1080i Mpeg High Dfeinition 1080p I am new to this, but find the capabilities of the software to be wonderful. I just want to stop the video from degrading. As far as information about the file(s) generated by Carrara, I know they are uncompressed and there are four clips, because it will only render about 1/4th of the video without locking up, and the video is only 1min20sec in length. Each clip is about a Gig or a little less. They look SOOO sharp when I play them with Windows media player as individual clips, but when I render from VW, I lose that. Is there a preferred format that I shold render from Carrara that is best to provide as a source for VW? Here are the ouput settings I have used in Carrara, and some options in the dropdowns for what types of file to render: Thanks! Inventison
  8. I was using Creator 2010 Plust, but I just purchased Roxio 2012 Pro in hopes that I could fix this problem: I just cant find a way to get the output resolution as good as the source file, (which is an AVI generated by Carrara 8). This is for a business presentation, so fuzziness is not good. The result looks sort of "blurred". I need the sharpness of the source file. It plays perfectly in Windows Media Player, but the output from RP2012 Videowave is blurry, seemingly no matter how a I "render" it. My system is : Also, look at the sharpness of the Roxio generated text overlayed onto the video. It REALLY shows how the video is degraded. This animation will be used to promote a prototype, and I need this for a projector presentation from a laptop, so from a video file. Please help! Inventison