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    An Issue

    THanks for the support guys, I could not do a Windows Restore to that point however I have sent an e-mail and am awaiting a reply from them so fingers crossed I can get it working! I shall report back when that happens and shall post what Roxio say to do so to help others in the future hopefully
  2. Jelly147

    An Issue

    WHere is the download link?
  3. Jelly147

    An Issue

    Hey guys, I've been using my Roxio since July time I think now and I had no issues until a couple of weekends ago. I deleted a couple of things off of my computer (uninstalled via the control panel) and after that I have had issues with the Roxio as when I click the capture button it just quickly flashes loading and then does nothing. The edit and share button does it's duty and works fine at opening but then it says something about a Runtime error that was unexpected. The only thing which I can think of that I deleted which could have anything to do with this was Bandicam, not sure if it's a related product or what? Also, I would have done a clean reinstall but I cannot, for the life of me, find the disc Any help would be fantastic as I really want to get recording on it again! Cheers