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  1. Hey everyone, Usually I burn my movies via Toast Titanium 11 but I decided to burn my audio music as well. The other day I am trying to burn a cd with multiple folders/playlists but I can't seem to arrange them in the order I want them to play, instead Roxio orders both my folders/playlists as well as the music in the folders in reverse alphabetical order. Is there any way to resolve this issue or is this how the way it functions? Thanks!
  2. artfuldodger23

    No Audio After Burning Dvd?

    Thanks for the advice! For part III how would I convert the the video file (its a .avi file) to a disk image? I tried going to disk utility to create a new image (I have a Mac btw) but the .avi file is not "clickable" and I set it to CD/DVD master but its not working. Do you mind explaining how I should go about doing that?
  3. artfuldodger23

    No Audio After Burning Dvd?

    Hey Guys, I tried burning a film to DVD twice with both of the attempts failing. The problem is that after burning the video is perfectly normal and fine but there is no audio at all. I tried first using 2x writing speed then did the "Best" writing speed option, which didn't help. When entering the DVD into the drive and see its components in the Audio_TS folder of the DVD no audio track is seen or existent. The original video file is fine though with both video and audio intact and working perfectly. The film is a foreign film so could that be a problem or is it something wrong with my DVD drive? I own a Macbook Pro with OSX Lion purchased August of this year. Thanks P.s: I burned the dvd using the video burning tab of Toast with the Mac or PC Tab.