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  1. Ogdens I Ment like buy a scart adaptor that's got component ports on it and plug it into the back of my tv and try to see if that works.. But I'm not too sure if it will..
  2. Thanks dj and others for the reply! The only VGA I see around are ones with VGA to component (with only red green blue cables on the other end) and the roxio needs the 5 cables to connect to it right?
  3. Strange! I thought u could I saw them on eBay.. So if I were to use a component adaptor and put it not the scart port u think?
  4. Hi all! Ok so I've bought the roxio for my ps3 and I've realised that my TV definitely doesn't have those 5 compment ports. Only has a HDMI and a scart and VGA on the back of it.. I was curious to know if I was to buy a HDMI TO COMPONENT cable to go from my tv to the roxio game cap would it work for me? Whilst the rest of the setup stays the same.. I've already bought lots of different wires by mistake and can't waste any more money on this cable for it just to fail... Could anyone please help? I appreciate ur time