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  1. OK. Just bought the RGC and on my main PC, which I admit is a bit old, the Roxio Software kept coming up with what seems to be the common "Select Video Device Failed" message. Strangely it does record fairly well, if not brilliantly, using Virtualdub. The other PC I tried the software on, a newer laptop, run the software OK and detected the RGC but would only display half a picture even after I fiddled with the settings. Any ideas on how to solve both? I'll post up any further details as needed. On a similar note, anyone know of the optimal settings and codecs to use on Virtualdub as using uncompressed capture settings seems to eat up disk space far too quickly even for the multiple hard drives I have on here! I'm not looking for the highest quality achievable. Just high enough to make it obvious what I'm doing (My upload bandwidth is rather low so I would like to keep the video as small as possible without it getting too blurry.).