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    Can't Import From Digital Camera

    Got it! C2011 wouldn't put the pictures into the 2011 Suite. I would still have to put them into C2011 to edit or make a project. Thanks again.
  2. PaulEB

    Can't Import From Digital Camera

    Thank you for answering. My computer recognizes the camera and I can import pictures through Windows/My Pictures,I was under the Impression I would be able to import through Roxio 2011.This would save time editing and making projects.
  3. There's got to be a way,but I can't find it. In Roxio Media Import,all I can find is the Rmovable Disk dropdown to import pictures.How do I import directly from my Digital Camera? I'm using Windows XP(media Center 2005).My graphics card is 2600XT and I have Creator 2011.Any answers would be greatly appreciated.