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  1. I just got a TiVo to replace an old generic DVR that had died. I have been able to use Toast 11 Titanium to transfer TiVo recordings to My MacBook which runs OS X 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard). Something strange has started to happen, though: I find that when I burn my transferred TiVo recordings of "Downton Abbey", they take up about twice as much space on the DVD (according to Toast) as the .tivo files do when transferred to my hard drive. The practical effect of this is that I cannot burn a show longer than 1 hour. This is a problem because some of the "Downton Abbey" shows are 2 hours long. I tried changing the video quality to "good", but that had no effect on Toast's estimate of DVD space consumption. In fact, Toast sometimes seems to not recalculate the DVD space consumption if I remove shows from the list of things to be burned. This is Toast Titanium 11.1 I am using, so I think I have the latest. I'm wondering if there is some conversion process to convert .tivo format to another format for burning, and if there is any way to adjust parameters of that conversion to take up less space. For example, I do not need Dolby Digital sound and would happily scrap that if it would save space.
  2. randomcoolzip

    Purple Screen While Recording

    Ah, the mists are clearing. Thanks for that information. Streamclip + Quicktime MPEG2 sounds like it would complete what I have. I already have Toast Basic from somewhere else.
  3. randomcoolzip

    Purple Screen While Recording

    I bought it on Amazon. It came in a sealed box labeled "Easy VHS to DVD for Mac". It certainly looks like Mac materials - the CD opens to a window with a Mac-style view of the top folder, featuring a "Roxio Video Capture" icon with an arrow pointing to the Applications folder to encourage you to drag "Roxio Video Capture" to Applications to install it. On the other hand, the CD envelope came with a CD key on it, which seems more like a PC/Windows thing. So you may be right. I may have gotten the PC version re-boxed as the Mac version. That sort of indicates that some Mac software comes on the PC/Windows CD, which is a little odd. I've had some luck capturing VHS tapes with "Easy VHs to DVD", but I find that if I don't have it "send" the captured video file to iMovie, I can't seem to load it into iMovie later. I have iMovie 2009 and don't feel like shelling out more money for iLife 2011 to get a later version.
  4. randomcoolzip

    Purple Screen While Recording

    Hmm, my CD is different. It does not have Toast 9 Basic on it, and it does have an application called "Roxio Video Capture". The Getting Started Guide that came in the box refers to this Roxio Video Capture application. I think they may have changed the product. Anyway, I am able to make recordings now using the Easy VHS to DVD Capture application that I downloaded from roxio.com. Still a few mysteries about the recordings I'm making with it, but I'm working on it.
  5. randomcoolzip

    Purple Screen While Recording

    There are two different pieces of software involved here: one called "Easy VHS to DVD Capture.app", whose latest version is 1.0.5, and "Roxio Video Capture" whose latest version is 2.0.1. They really are different - different user interface and everything. The CD that came with my Capture Device had "Roxio Video Capture" at the 2.0.0 version level. It didn't have the "Easy VHS to DVD Capture" software on it, as far as I can see. Confused? So am I. In the course of trying to update "Roxio Video Capture" from Roxio's web site, I wound up downloading and installing the "Easy VHS to DVD Capture" software, 1.0.5, as well. I tried that last night on a long VHS tape, and it didn't give me the purple-screen treatment, but I left it running overnight and in the morning it was back to the start-recording screen having not saved anything to disk. Maybe I'm too stupid to use this software, despite being an IBM software engineer with 30 years' experience in the industry. I'll try the Easy VHS to DVD Capture" software again today. Maybe it prompted me to save the video last night but got tired of waiting for me to finish sleeping or something.
  6. randomcoolzip

    Purple Screen While Recording

    I bought the $59.99 package "Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac", which included the video/audio-to-USB converter device and the software CD. The CD contained something called "Roxio Video Capture" which I installed. It turned out I have Version 2.0.0. I found that it would record a VHS tape for about 20 min, but then the video disappeared and I got a solid purple screen instead. I tried to upgrade this software to Version 2.0.1, but the install failed without any indication of what went wrong. Tantalizingly, the description of 2.0.1 said that it fixes the purple-screen problem. Unfortunately I have been unable to find 2.0.1 on Roxio's site to download it. So I'm stuck: software that doesn't work, an upgrade that won't install, and no way to download the new version. I'm running a 2010 MacBook, with 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB of RAM, and plenty of hard drive space. OS X is at Version 10.6.8. I am also very confused about Roxio's video-capture product line. The thing I bought was a hardware/software combination-in-a-box called "Roxio Easy VHS to DVD for Mac", which contains a CD with something called "Roxio Video Capture". I can't find any references to "Roxio Video Capture" on Roxio's WebSite. But I do find references to a software-only package called "Easy VHS to DVD for Mac", which has a different, more primitive-looking user interface than "Roxio Video Capture". I now have "Easy VHS to DVD for Mac" 1.0.5 and "Roxio Video Capture 2.0.0" installed. What I don't understand is, which of these is the current product and which is a legacy product? All in all, I am very unimpressed so far, to say the least. Maybe Roxio should have stuck to burning CDs and DVDs, which they seem to understand pretty well.