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  1. Hello again, after various problems with the DVI-D port and a component HDMI converter, i concluded on the fact that i should use VGA, but how would i do this, i live in the UK and my budget for a converter is £70 and i am unsure as to which ones are reliable, as i cant find any with good reviews, and i am also unsure as to if there is any Component (YPbPr) (No Audio) cables to vga cables that are actually operational and if there are, can anybody find me an amazon link (.co.uk please). My monitor is a BenQ G2220HD. Thanks in advance.
  2. Adil

    No Signal On T.v

    Component is a Analogue signal, HDMI is a Digital signal, that would require a conversion, buy a Component To HDMI Converter.
  3. Hello, My friend recently also brought a roxio game cap, and now he is having issues, device management shows both game cap devices, recording devices shows line in, and has the volume going up at the same time as the xbox, but he cannot select it on Audio Input, he can only select Stereo Mix (Which gives Unknown Capture Error), and his internal and external mics
  4. Adil

    No Display?

    thanks for all the replies, after multiple attempts with my equipment, i have not succeeded, i will change cables whenever i wish to record
  5. Adil

    No Display?

    The roxio seems to be operational when i use my actual TV with Component inputs, same if i use the converter after the roxio, then i use hdmi not dvi What do you mean by it takes a few?
  6. Adil

    No Display?

    on the converter i dont plug in the R/L White Red Audio Connectors, even if i did, it wouldn't matter. This same setup would work on my actual tv without it being a DVI cable, instead being a dual ended hdmi cable.
  7. Adil

    Top Of Screen Repeated At Bottom

    make sure all the cables are in correctly and attempt 1080i again
  8. Adil

    Playing Back At Double Speed

    There are two ways this can happen, first being that your laptop/pc doesnt meet the minimum requirements so there is lag on recording so it speeds up, or you may have your playback speed set to x2.00
  9. Adil

    No Display?

    Bump, i need help ASAP!!!
  10. Adil

    Component To Dvi (Cable/device)

    your topic requires information, but by the title, you are looking for a Analogue to Digital conversion, im not sure as to this because i got a Neet Component to HDMI converter and used a HDMI to DVI-D cable and got no results, whereas i used a straight HDMI to DVI-D cable connection from my xbox to monitor and got great results.
  11. VGA is 3 different colors, Component is 2 colors and a brightness adjustment, you need a Component to VGA Converter
  12. Adil

    No Display?

    I have made this video on youtube to show you my problem and my setup
  13. hey guys, i just purchased a new monitor, BenQ G2220HD 21.5" to be exact, it has a VGA and DVI in, i plugged my Xbox with a HDMI to DVI cable into the monitor and i get a full 1080p signal. When i tried this, Xbox 360 -> Component Cable -> Roxio -> Component Cable -> Component to HDMI converter -> HDMI to DVI Cable -> Monitor. What i get it full signal on my Roxio but NOTHING on my Monitor, is there any way to solve this, i have a Neet Component to HDMI Converter and its powered
  14. Adil


    make sure your ps3/xbox360 is set to 1080i not 1080p due to blur in 1080p, and make sure it isnt your component cables causing this