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    .m4V And/or .dv

    That's great, I appreciate the confirmation.
  2. adamz

    .m4V And/or .dv

    Does anyone have any strong views on whether to use .M4V or .DV when making films. I've used iMovie for about seven years now and have always used .DV when making a final film, as opposed to .mov for the much better quality it gave. However with the latest version of iMovie you appear to have a new option, .M4V. When I create a final film, with the two options, the .M4V file is about 1/8 of the size of the .DV file so I, not unreasonably, assumed the quality of the .DV film would be better. However, upon examination, the film made with thee .M4V file appears to be smoother? Does this make sense to anyone and if so, would it be possible to explain why the .DV file is so much bigger if it is not as good? The only advantage I can see of .DV is that the format is interchangeable with other applications. One of the biggest issues I had from moving from my old iMovie 4 to the current version is that while my .DV files could be transferred across, all my old project files could not. Thanks!
  3. adamz

    Toast 11 Dvd Menu

    Have checked and that certainly seems to be the case with mine as well. I think I'll probably just have to get iDVD if I want more elaborate menus. Many thanks for your help!
  4. adamz

    Toast 11 Dvd Menu

    Thank you once again! I've gone back into Toast and gone in to the main video window. I've clicked edit to bring up the Edit Video window. On this there are three lines I can edit: Info 1 Info 2 Info 3 I have amended each of these. When I go back to Options/Customize/Menus and have a look at the menu screen again it still only shows the title (as in the one I keyed in to 'Menu title' in this same screen) and then Play movie beneath it. I can't see anywhere on the menu page that it has shown the data I keyed in to Info 1-3. There doesn't appear to be any way of amending the text on the menu as you could with iDVD. I used to have iDVD on my old Mac but having bought a brand new Mac of course it doesn't come with iDVD/iLife! I complained to Apple about the fact that i now couldn't now write to DVDs and they gave me Toast 11. I appreciate that Toast has many more features than iDVD but I can't find a way of getting it to do the simple menus I used to on iDVD!
  5. adamz

    Toast 11 Dvd Menu

    Many thanks, that's really helpful. What I was looking for was the ability to add in multiple lines of text, and even little things like changing 'Play Movie' to 'Play film'. In iDVD you can amend lots of text onto the DVD Menu. Is it that Toast just doesn't provide these features?
  6. adamz

    Toast 11 Dvd Menu

    I'm new to Toast 11 (previously I used iDVD) and am having trouble with DVD menus. I don't seem to be able to find any way of putting text onto the DVD menu page (I've been using Splash) or indeed altering the text or layout that is already there. I have been able to change text colour and the number of buttons; all the obvious stuff; as well as importing a photo. I just don't seem to be able to have much of the functionality that iDVD had. Can anyone tell me where I could find these features? Many thanks Adam