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    EMC 9 Will Have to Wait

    Neil - Thanks for your response. I particularly appreciate your non-defensive and "civil" tone. I hope the "experts" realize that the folks who come to this forum are doing so because they really do have problems and really do want this program to be the best.....they don't come here because they have nothing better to do and don't deserve some of the smarta** responses. You correctly point out that this forum is "staffed" by non-Roxio people and some of us probably make the mistake of believing that because "Roxio" appears on the banner we'll get solutions from the folks who created this program. Good luck to all of us, and may those patches come soon. Again, thanks. - Dave
  2. RVdave

    EMC 9 Will Have to Wait

    grandpabruce - Thanks for the comeback. You may not be on the payroll, but to us customers-in-need you ARE Roxio. Hopefully, Roxio reads these postings and will recognize the need to keep you in the loop. Again, thanks and good luck. - Dave
  3. RVdave

    EMC 9 Will Have to Wait

    ggrussell - Come on, you can do better than that....the thousands of postings/views on this forum can't all be blamed on MS. Frankly, I'm astounded at the time and effort some of the folks on this forum have spent trying to document and explain why EMC9 won't work for them. You do yourself a disservice trying to put the blame for this program's problems on MS or the users. I have to believe that Roxio is aware of these problems and is working very hard to resolve them. Can you give us some clue when a service pack might be available? Thanks and good luck. - Dave
  4. RVdave

    EMC 9 Will Have to Wait

    Like a lot of the participants on this forum, I'm a long time Roxio fan and user, but the reality seems to be that EMC9 is still in a beta phase and those of us who purchased it are the reluctant beta testers. Yes, there are workarounds, and many of us are successfully using them, but there's a bigger problem. Every computer experiences glitches, but now whenever I get one I immediately suspect EMC9, even though it may not have anything to do with the problem. I guess its fair to say that some of us have lost confidence in this program, and won't feel comfortable until a service pack is released. Hopefully, Roxio and the helpful folks on this forum can resolve some of these problems sooner rather than later; blaming other software, even if they are in the final pre-release stage, rings a little hollow when millions of folks are already successfully using them with zillions of other programs. Good luck. - Dave
  5. I just downloaded and tried installing Easy Media Creator 9 Suite on my desktop and laptop, and have the same problem on both. When pushing the Roxio Home desktop icon to start the program, I get a MS error message saying "Roxio Creator has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." I then have the opportunity to Send MS the error report, which I did. Both machines are running XP SP2 and I've download this program 3 times and have uninstalled/re-installed it at least 5 times without any success. Is this a Windows compatibility problem, or a Creator 9 problem? I just ordered a backup CD, hoping I'll have more success with the CD than I'm having with the download. I've followed similar threads on this forum and have purged the registry of all Sonic and Roxio entries, so I "think" I'm doing as clean an install as possible. Thanks for any help you can provide. - Dave
  6. RVdave

    Click On User

    I've had the same problem every time I update the MS framework. Go to Control Panel / User Accounts. You'll notice the update has added a new profile, in addition to yours and Guest. Delete the new framework profile and you'll be back to not having to click on your user name. I haven't a clue what the added profile is for, but eliminating it solves the problem. If the Guest account still appears when starting your computer, go to Control Panel / User Accounts, click on Guest and turn it off. Good luck. - Dave
  7. hannuruo - Your symptoms are reminiscent of what lots of us experienced when installing the first versions of Windows XP Service Pack 2.....10 - 15 minutes before the desktop appeared, etc. MS finally fixed SP2 to solve this problem. Are your computers up to date with all the MS hotfixes/updates, etc? Good luck. - Dave
  8. RVdave

    Components not available ?

    Sknis - The Fry's price was $99 less an instant $30 in-store credit and a $20 Roxio mail-in rebate. I'm not going to ask Roxio for a refund, but I do think future upgrades should be priced more attractively for existing users dealing directly with Roxio. Good luck. - Dave
  9. Steven - Those are the exact same symptoms I experienced. In my case un-installing the IE7 beta and reverting to IE6 immediately solved the problem. Since you indicated you only have IE6 installed, do you have any other MS beta software that could be the culprit? Good luck. - Dave
  10. RVdave

    Components not available ?

    Thanks guys, now I REALLY feel bad! I spent $69.99 for the special upgrade download version, plus another $18.22 for a CD backup because the downloaded copy wouldn't run. One of our local electronic stores (Fry's) is currently selling the boxed version of Easy Media Creator 9 Suite for $49.95, and I told myself that it probably wasn't as complete as what this "preferred customer" got. Get me once it's your fault, get me twice and it's mine. Live and learn. - Dave
  11. RVdave

    Many features NOT working

    Gary - Some of us foolishly thought that by the time the IE7 beta process reached the Release Candidate stage the bugs and incompatibility issues would have been resolved. Silly us.....give MS credit for another gotcha! Good luck. - Dave
  12. RVdave

    Microsoft error message

    It appears there's more than one cause of this program not working. Nevertheless, I want to thank the responders to my original question. Last night I uninstalled IE7, which reverted IE to version 6. Now, everything seems to work....there's no MS error messages, and no mention of a buffer overflow. In my case, it appears there's an incompatibility issue between Media Creator 9 and IE7. Hopefully, this will be resolved before MS automatically updates IE to version 7. Again, thanks and good luck. - Dave
  13. RVdave

    Microsoft error message

    Yes, I do have IE7 Beta installed. Is there any solution other than reverting to IE6? Thanks. - Dave