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  1. As far as any of us know there is a patch on the way - when that is likely to be, I'm afraid I haven't a clue.


    All I can say is that I'm running 9 DeLuxe here and no real problems beyond having to shift a couple of files manually when DirectX updated itself (took all of 5 minutes to do)

    Thanks for the comeback. I've never had a program that wouldn't run on one of my computers, but EMC9 changed that. I want to be able to use this program and my options are down to a patch/update, or hoping that a change to Vista from XP SP2 (all updates) will solve the problem. Hopefully, a future update will do the trick. Again, thanks.

  2. What will happen with the patch for EMC9 entirely depends on how it works....

    After wasting far too much of my time and yours, I finally uninstalled EMC9 with the thought that "eventually" changes would be made that would allow me to use it. Your comment suggests that a patch/update may be on the way. Am I reading too much into your response, is help on the way? Thanks.

  3. RVDave - EMC9 now includes a virtual drive app. See if that works with Flight Simulator. Like with packet writing, I would suggestion only having one virtual drive app installed. See if you can uninstall ONLY that part of Alcohol 120.


    Thanks for all the responses. I uninstalled Alcohol and for the umpteenth time re-installed EMC9. Unfortunately, the same multiple problems still existed, so I can't blame it on Alcohol 120. When/if a service pack solves some of these problems, I'll attempt to re-install Alcohol without the virtual drive (that is an option) and attempt to use the virtual drive application in EMC. Again, thanks.

  4. For the past couple of months, I've wasted far too much of my time, and that of the experts on this forum who have tried to help me get EMC9 running. I finally gave up and uninstalled it, and am waiting for a Service Pack. Today I installed the latest version of Alcohol 120 (4629) and wondered if this program and the virtual drive it installs could be the culprit that's keeping me from using EMC9. I enjoy running Flight Simulator, and Alcohol allows me to install the necessary disk 4 on a virtual drive instead of having to insert it in the CD drive when running FS. I believe Alcohol may also make some kernel modifications. During the beta testing, did any of you experts test the ability of these two programs to co-exist? Again, thanks for your help.

  5. Have you tried a repair (add/remove, Roxio EMC 9, click change).

    If you installed from the downloaded EMC 9 installation file and have deleted the folder it creatred in your temp folder, first extract the contents of the installation file to a suitable folder, so that when asked during the repair install, you can point it to that folder containing the msi file it will ask for.

    If you have the CD, I think it will ask for that.


    Jean - Yes, I've uninstalled, re-installed, and repaired EMC9 multiple times, and just repaired it again before responding to you. Sadly, I'm convinced, after doubling my RAM, performing as clean an installation as possible (no Sonic or Roxio entries in registry), removing IE7, verifying all drivers are up to date and all XP hot-fixes, patches, and updates are current....that EMC9 in it's present state will not run on my fairly new Sony Vaio laptop. I've learned some workarounds, but I now think I'd better wait for a service pack. Some of the problems/bugs that I've encountered are:


    1) Media Manager - Starting program generates the MM splash screen followed by notices (previous post) indicating an application error and saying certain memory can't be read. The program never starts.


    2) PhotoSuite - Program starts, but if I click on "Open Photo" a pop-up tells me the runtime has terminated in an unusual way and I should contact the application's support team. When I click on the error notice "OK" the program is terminated.


    3) MyDVD - Clicking on the "Add New Movie" button results in the same error message and shutdown as PhotoSuite.


    4) VideoWave - Same as PhotoSuite and MyDVD when I click the Add Photo/Video button. If I drag photos to this program instead of using the button, I can work with them but the program crashes if I attempt to save the project.


    Thanks for all your attempts to help, but I think the solutions lie more with the EMC programmers than workarounds. Good luck.

  6. Please tell me how to remove IE7 Beta 2 with Control Panel. It doesn't show in Add/Remove Programs and when I went to Help & Support to ask if I could remove the program, it said that IE7 Beta cannot be removed!


    If you can't find IE7 in Control Panel (Add or Remove Programs) with Show Updates checked , go there and on the left side of the screen click on Add/Remove Windows Components. Maybe unchecking IE will remove it and let you install IE7 Final. Good luck.

  7. Interesting.... LOL Yes, you assumed correctly. To test it out, create a new Videowave project. Add 3 still images and then add a 3D transition between them like Page Curl. Then click the 'Output to file'. If that works, you should be good to go. If it fails, then switch back to software rendering. I didn't think that the 915 supported the 3D stuff, but wouldn't be teh first time I was wrong. :)


    Gary - I did as you suggested, using Page Turn transition, and everything worked correctly; the 3 pictures did transition from one to another with a 3-D effect. Unfortunately, when I tried to save (Save or Output As) the project I got the 2 error messages displayed above, and the program crashed. So, it crashes if I use the Add Photos/Video button to start the project, and it crashes if I try to save/output what I've successfully dragged to the program and worked with. The results were the same for both Hardware and Software rendering. I "think" there might be a bug. Thanks.

  8. That's what the graphics test does. It checks several DirectX commands. With better video cards, Videowave/MyDVD will 'offload' the rendering of the 3D transitions and effects to the graphics processor. Beside the graphics test button is two 'dots'. After running the test, which one is selected? If it stays on 'software', then the graphics processor does not fully support the 3D commands needed so Videowave/MyDVD will only use the CPU and the 3D transitions/effects will not be available.


    Gary - After running the Hardware test, the Hardware dot remains selected. After running the Software test, the Hardware dot is automatically re-selected. From your explanation I'm assuming that means my graphics processor does fully support the 3D commands needed. Again, thanks.

  9. I checked out the laptop's spec at SonyStyle. The only thing I saw was the video chipset which is the Intel 900. Website didsn't say specifically which chipset. If anything, Videowave/MyDVD should still run in software render mode.


    Gary - Thanks for checking. In Device Manager, the Display Adapters show 2 "Mobile Intel 915GM/GMS, 910 GML Express Chipset Family". I don't understand the "Render" function, but when I ran the VideoWave Tools/Options/Graphics Test for both software and hardware the test showed a black box getting larger and smaller, and the test completed without any error messages. Whether or not this is significant, I haven't a clue. Good luck.

  10. Did you have this problem in IE7 RC-1?


    Did it work ok with IE6?


    Did it go back to errors when you installed IE7 official release?




    Unfortunately, these problems existed with IE6, and now with IE7 Final. There were other problems with IE7 RC-1, like not even being able to open the programs, but the final release seemed to solve that problem. Many of the error messages indicate an application error, and say I should contact the application support team. Since all my other programs run fine, I'm hoping that means this is a software bug and not that my Sony Vaio FS640W is incompatible . Thanks for your help.

  11. Are you able to launch other Roxio applications? Could you provide more info on version of Windows, memory, video card, etc. Do you have IE 7 Beta/RC-1 installed?


    Yes, I can launch other Roxio applications, but the buttons on many of them cause them to crash. Fortunately, I've learned quite a few workarounds, but so far can't crack Media Manager. I'm using XP SP2 and my Vaio motherboard handles the graphics (Intel Express Chipset). Thinking RAM could be the culprit, today I upgraded from 512 to 1 gig, but it didn't help. There's also 40 gig of free disk space. I originally ran IE7 RC-1, but reverted to IE6 until IE7 was officially released, which I now use. If I use the buttons in PhotoSuite, MyDVD, or VideoWave to Browse and select the media I get an instant crash. If I drag the media to the application I'm OK. Hope this helps. BTW - I previously filed a Web Ticket about the PhotoSuite problem, but haven't heard anything. Thanks for your response.


    Here's the two error messages I get when pushing the MyDVD "Add New Movie" button:





  12. This works great. Tried everything else. Would have died waiting for a response from tech support. Thanks.


    I had the same problem and also ended up going off line, on line, off line, on line to be able to substitute one 25 character key for another and finally get activated. The bad news is that after all that I get Runtime errors whenever I attempt to use MyDVD or VideoWave. It does make me feel good, however, to know that at least I'm activated! I'm really getting my money's worth from this program....it's like a never ending puzzle! Good luck and hurry up that service pack Roxio.

  13. Dave,another thing to think of is that once the app starts you can change your resoulution back to 800 x 600 and use it.We've found this out in other threads.I know it's another step but if you like or need the lower resolution it is possible to use it.


    Jean and Terry - Thanks for the tips. I wasn't aware I could "revert" the screen resolution to my default 800 x 600 after loading PhotoSuite, but that works well. I also investigated your suggestion about creating "profiles" for the various modules, that would adjust the resolution to the required level. It turns out my Intel Centrino graphics driver does offer that capability, but they call it Schemes. So, I was able to create a 1024 x 768 Scheme for PhotoSuite. Now, I simply right-click the desktop, select the PhotoSuite Scheme on the driver pop-up, and it changes the resolution to 1024 x 768 and loads the program. When I exit the program the resolution is automatically returned to 800 x 600. Again, thanks. This IS a learning experience. - Dave

  14. Since some of the EMC9 modules won't load unless the screen resolution is at least 1024 x 768, is there a script or command that could be included in a shortcut to automatically set the higher resolution? I doubt I'm the only user who uses a 800 x 600 resolution for most activities, and trying to load these modules at that resolution results in the program being shut down, and another slow reload. One less thing to remember in order to use this program would be nice. Thanks and good luck. - Dave

  15. I thought some of the "experts" who have helped me and others get EMC9 running might get a kick out of the email I just received from CNN. CNN Pipeline is a subscription service that allows me to view 4 of their news feeds on my PC. Evidently, they're also grappling with some of the IE7 changes. Maybe we're ahead of the curve! Good luck. - Dave


    Dear Dave,


    As you may know, a new version of Internet Explorer has been released.

    Currently, the CNN Pipeline Web Player is not compatible with IE7. We

    are working hard to release an IE7-supported version of the web player

    in the coming days, and will notify you when it is available.


    In addition, while the CNN Pipeline downloadable player is compatible

    with IE7, there are instances where it may not launch according to the

    preferences you have chosen. If you are experiencing any problems with

    the CNN Pipeline downloadable player due to an upgrade to IE7, please

    visit http://www.CNN.com/help/pipeline/IE7 for potential solutions.


    Thank You,

    The CNN Pipeline Team

  16. Corky-G - Thanks for the comeback, you're not alone and are only expressing the frustrations lots of us have had. The acid test will be if you can not only access EMC, but also CinePlayer, since the incompatibility issue seemed to be related to the registration of both those modules. So far we've had a tendency to blame IE7 for a lot of problems. It will be nice to get that behind us so we can concentrate on how we can make EMC better. Good luck. - Dave

  17. I've read a few posts by some that have reinstalled IE7 after Roxio was working but I would wait until IE 7 is final. For sure, you must let Roxio run its mpeg activation before installing IE7 as the beta browser blocks the activation somehow.


    Paul correctly described how some of us were successful by un-installing IE7 RC1 before installing and registering EMC. Nevertheless, this may be academic since MS has released the "final" version of IE7. We THINK the incompatibility issue may have been resolved, but in this world nothing is certain. Let us know if the final version IE7 gives you problems. Good luck. - Dave

  18. .....I prefer to have this issue with the incompatibility with IE7 beta resolved.


    Oldbridge - That's good news "IF" they've resolved the incompatibility issue. Some of us, however, found we could run both programs if we reverted to IE6 before installing EMC9. Once EMC9, and CinePlayer, registered it was possible to re-install IE7 RC-1 and use both programs. By any chance, had you installed and registered EMC prior to installing the Yahoo IE7? If so, you wouldn't have experienced the incompatibility problem, but it may still exist for those folks who haven't yet installed EMC9. Good luck. - Dave

  19. When you right click on an image and just under those 6 selection, there should be a CHOOSE PROGAM...


    Click BROWSE if it is not on that list. Navigate to the photosuite9.exe file. It should then be an option from then on.


    You can also check mark "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file". if you want that option.


    Gary - Thanks. I was able to add PhotoSuite9 to the pop-up box "Open With" list by going to the PhotoSuite / Tools / Options / Associations and clicking "Select All". Now when I right-click a picture I have the opportunity to open it with 7 different programs, including PhotoSuite9. Unfortunately, this solved one problem, but the Open Photo button still results in the program shutting down. Thanks and good luck. - Dave

  20. I tried to recreate your problem and can't. However, I can't drag my photos to Photosuite and the only way I can add them is to use the Open Photo function.

    I'm curious....what happens if you right click your photo and choose, 'open with' then 'Photosuite'?


    Paul - Thanks for the quick response, it sounds like we have similar, but opposite problems. My "Open Picture" button shuts down the program, but I can use this routine by dragging pictures to the lower pane or to the taskbar shortcut, which puts them in the lower pane. If I right-click a picture in My Pictures folder, I get a pop-up box which gives me the opportunity to open the picture with 6 different programs, but PhotoSuite isn't one of them. Hope this helps. Thanks and good luck. - Dave

  21. Since I've received no responses to the above problem, I'm wondering if I'm the only one experiencing this glitch. When trying to fix pictures in the EMC9 PhotoSuite "Fix & Enhance Photos" routine, does your "Open Photo" button (on the left of the screen) work or does it shut down the program like it does mine? Secondly, after submitting a support Web Ticket about how long is it taking to get a response? I know Roxio is probably swamped with requests and this isn't a big problem, but I'd like to know how long to wait. Thanks and good luck. - Dave

  22. Neil - Thanks for your response. I particularly appreciate your non-defensive and "civil" tone. I hope the "experts" realize that the folks who come to this forum are doing so because they really do have problems and really do want this program to be the best.....they don't come here because they have nothing better to do and don't deserve some of the smarta** responses. You correctly point out that this forum is "staffed" by non-Roxio people and some of us probably make the mistake of believing that because "Roxio" appears on the banner we'll get solutions from the folks who created this program. Good luck to all of us, and may those patches come soon. Again, thanks. - Dave