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  1. "Fixes" - as in: - "Can no longer fast-forward or rewind when previewing audio tracks when clicking and holding on the Previous and Next buttons, only skip forward or back through the playlist." - "STILL cannot rewind thought the first track in a playlist or fast-forward through the last audio track because the Previous and Next buttons are grayed out." - "Listening to audio tracks before burning them to disc will cause the app to crash and make you to repeatedly force-quit and relaunch it." Hell, I haven't even tried to burn a data disc or anything involving video! I probably won't either - I don't have that much aspirin on hand! You guys really make me miss Jam 2.5.
  2. I just "upgraded" to Toast 11.1 last night (I use a Mini with 8 GBs of RAM and running 10.6.8) and I'm attempting to create a compilation audio CD, but the more I attempt to use this sad excuse of a program the more infuriating things become! I've started fresh with a brand new 11.1 file (I started the project using 11.05), and I've discovered YET ANOTHER new bug. In 11.05, when you clicked and held on the "next track" button you could fast-forward through the selected song, perhaps to check for any clipping after increasing its gain. Not anymore!! Now using that same move will just have you quickly skipping ahead through the rest of the tracks that appear after the one you're playing! The same thing happens when you attempt to "rewind" by clicking and holding on the "previous track" button; You can only start again from the very beginning! That's right, Roxio broke the ability to "fast forward" and "rewind" through an audio file with 11.1. Also - as in 11.05 - if you're listening to the first audio track, the "previous track" button is grayed out, so you literally can't click on it to restart the song from the very beginning. You need to skip to track 2, then very quickly click the "previous track" button twice to get back to the very beginning of track 1. Guess what happens if you only have one track? That's right!! YOU CAN'T FAST-FORWARD OR REWIND AT ALL! You can only Play and Stop!! (See attached.) God help you if you're working with a 60-minute ambient track! I've given up on 11.1 as well as Roxio. I greatly resent how they treat paying customers as unwitting product testers. I will never spend one more penny on their half-baked, useless products. Their obvious laziness, carelessness and total disregard for customer satisfaction is completely inexcusable.
  3. I just "upgraded" to Toast 11.1 last night (I use a Mini with 8 GBs of RAM and running 10.6.8) and I'm attempting to create a compilation audio CD, but Toast keeps crashing as I play the songs, attempting to adjust their gain settings. I've started fresh with a brand new 11.1 file (I started the project using 11.05), and I've quit all of my apps except my browser, and still Toast crashes. Has anyone else experienced this problem? All of the audio files are 16-bit 44.1 stereo AIFFs, so I'm not even asking the app to convert the files to another file format. I'm glad (well, that may be to strong of a word) that I still have the original install CD for the previous version, because this is just a joke.
  4. 132bpm

    Toast 11.1 Folder Grey Out

    I just "upgraded" to 11.1 as well and am having the exact same problem. Nice to see that this app is keeping it's "C-grade" status in check. :-/
  5. 132bpm

    Audio |<< And >>| No Longer Intuitive In 11.0.2

    I noticed the same thing 5 minutes after installing Toast. I used Jam 5 and 6 for years for making compilation CDs, and the greyed-out FFWD and RWD functions were the first thing I noticed. I sent feedback to Roxio immediately, but I'm not holding my breath. On another note, I'm annoyed by how long the "Gain" window stays active after you make an adjustment. In Jam it closed almost immediately after releasing the sliders, but now it hangs open for 5 seconds or so, which is VERY annoying. Finally, I strongly agree that this app needs an iTunes-like play/progress bar, especially when you want to check on how an applied effect or change in gain may affect a specific portion of a track. In addition to that, being able to assign a "reference" or "cue" point that could be easily jumped to during playback would also be a welcomed feature. I'd gladly trade all of the little tutorial videos and "cute" animations for some features and functions that were actually useful. It's puzzling on how such obviously handy tools and refinements are missing from this application.
  6. 132bpm

    Running Jam on an Intel "Snow Leopard" machine

    Tsantee, Thanks for the tip in the "com.roxio.Jam.plist" file, but still no luck. (My file "Adaptec Jam Preferences" must be from Jam 5.) I've placed the app in the Applications file and com.roxio.Jam.plist in the same folder path as the old computer (Users > myname > Library > Preferences > com.roxio.Jam.plist), but it just bounces and then stops. I then moved com.roxio.Jam.plist to Computername > Library > Preferences, but no go. :-/ FYI, it's Jam version 6.0.1, and my new computer is running 10.6.8 with Rosetta (so I can run my ancient-but-expensive PowerPC-based programs). Unless there's one last Hail Mary trick, it looks like I'll have to throw in the towel. This is the only program I'd have to spend money on to get things set up (more or less), so I guess I shouldn't be too upset. Thanks again.
  7. 132bpm

    Running Jam on an Intel "Snow Leopard" machine

    Tsantee, I have the hard drive from my dead computer, and it was running 10.5.x. I've found only "Jam 6.app" in the Applications folder and "Adaptec Jam Preferences" in oldharddrive > System Folder > Preferences. Copying the app into the Applications folder is straight forward enough, but my new computer doesn't have a folder called "System Folder", just one called "System" with a subfolder called PreferencePanes, and none of the files inside that folder look like an old prefs file. I tried placing "Adaptec Jam Preferences" inside newcomputer > Users > myname > Library > Preferences but still no luck. Is there someplace else I need to put the "Adaptec Jam Preferences" file? Am I missing something obvious? Thanks again!
  8. 132bpm

    Running Jam on an Intel "Snow Leopard" machine

    Hey Everyone, I've been reading through this thread, and either I've missed something, or Jam 6 simply does not work with 10.6.8. I just bought an Apple-refurbished 2010 Mini that's running 10.6.8 (with Rosetta installed) and it has both Quicktime 10.0 and 7.6.6 installed, and I'm striking out with getting Jam 6 to launch. I installed it directly from my old Toast 6/Jam installer CD following the Read Me's instructions (copy Roxio Jam 6 folder to Applications folder, then click on icon to launch Jam 6 app), but no luck. It just bounces and then quits. Sadly, I threw out my ancient system back-ups with Jam 5, so going that route is not an option. Do I need to delete (or at least relocate) Quicktime 10? Or, is there another trick to try? I do have the hard drive from my old computer, so if there are specific files I need to copy from the System or User folders onot the new computer they are available to me. Finally, if 10.6.8 simply will not work with Jam 6, can anyone share their opinions on Toast 11 for Mac? The reviews on amazon are pretty brutal, but all I care about is being able to adjust gain when creating audio CDs. Being able to open old Jam files would be a big plus, but it's not a total deal breaker. Any info, advise or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!