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    Bf3 And Roxio Video Wave

    So, I have an update, it works now I can capture sound and video. It´s because I deinstalled an old codec pack and the k-lite codec pack, then I installed some codecs separately. I can watch my recordings with the normal windows media player. K: is plugged in directly to my pc via USB now I´m recording my things to D: Fraps videos were not working, but I reinstalled fraps and it solved the issue. Bf3 still doesn´t works. I hope they make a patch/update for bf3 (and newer games), because I mainly bought it for this game. Thx for your help
  2. Metalhoerer

    Bf3 And Roxio Video Wave

    I turned off the antivirus, but nothing changed. Still records only like 6sec of sound and stops @2sec when played. The program begins to record when I go back to the game instead of waiting that I hit the F6 button to start recording. The only thing that works well, is to take screenshots while ingame.
  3. Metalhoerer

    Bf3 And Roxio Video Wave

    Thx for the answer, I figured out this link before and installed the codec pack and changed the program to "run as admin". But this has not solved my problems, bf3 still not detected and the videos I record only show audio when I play them. I read that roxio only supports DirectX 9 and 10, maybe it´s because of this that bf3 doesn´t work. My Pc: -Windows 7 64-bit service pack 1 -Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9550 @2.83 GHz -6Gb RAM -Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 (driver: 285.62 WHQL) I´m not sure if you mean my graphic card by video device? I don´t know what you mean by defragmented harddrive space, but I have 8/97gb in C:, 373/498gb in D: and 410/931gb in K: (which is external) I record the videos to K: Yes I run Norton Antivirus while playing/recording, I will try your advice and reply. If this information isn´t enough please reply how I can retrieve more information about my computer. Thx Metalhoerer
  4. Metalhoerer

    Bf3 And Roxio Video Wave

    Hello, I recently bought roxio Game capture for pc. I'm surprised how smooth I can play while recording. But I recorded some skyrim gameplay and it seems it only recorded the sound. Also when I try to edit the "Video" or other videos I recorded before (with fraps) with roxio video wave it doesn't recognize them as videos and I can't edit them. Besides I have the problem, that the program doesn't recognize battlefield 3 as game and I can't use the program with bf3. Will there be a Patch/Update for bf3? and how can I fix my Record/editing problem? Thx metalhoerer