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    All Your Drives Are Set To Disabled

    HI Brendon, quite an old post but your solution does still do the job! I applied it and it worked like a charm. Just disabling then re-enabling the optical drive did not work. Many thanks! Here's my context in case those details could help anyone: - I got Sonic RecordNow! V7.3 in 2005 as part of the software package bundled with a Dell Latitude D510 running Windows XP - I upgraded to a Dell Latitude D630 that does not include this option and I keep on running XP SP3 - As I still own the D510, I did move all my stuff to the D630 using a fantastic software:PC mover Professional - I had to reactivate Microsoft Office and to register the Sonic license again (likely due to a new hardware footprint coming with the PC change) - I didn't remember I got this messaqe when I register / run this software for the first time on the new machine, i.e. the D630 - But I got it today (first time) ans Brendon's solution did the trick! Cheers from France