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  1. Thanks or the reply but this has no effect whatsoever, first of all my version is NXT2 Pro not EMC 2009 and my tabs are Media Selector and Score Fitter not Smart Sound. I only recently Oct 2014 purchased this version of Roxio. I am familiar with Roxio videowave as I have mde many productions in earlier ersions of Roxio. The problem being if I press My Mdia tab under Media selector or folders I would expect to see a folder tree open to be able to navigate to the correct music on my hard disk. Unortunately if I pressolder it is perantly jammed on the last music file ilooke at and wont chnge bck to fldr view AND IF YOU DONT ET YOUR FORUM SITE SORTED OUT THIS IS THE 3RD DAY UNNING WHERE IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO TYPE LEGIBLY ITJUST REFLECTS HOW POOR THECORELPRODUCTS AE AT ANYTHING TECHNIAL!!!!!!! YOU CANT EEN PASTE ITO HEE!!!! I HAVENT GOT ANY MOREPATIENTE LEFT TOSAY HAT I EALLY FEEL ABOUT THIS.
  2. Hi I have looked up this subject and found a post way back in 2013 and yet cannot find any satisfactory conclusion. I also have exactly the same problem, I am running NXT Pro2 (Build 150B05D). Attached is the DxDiag.txt with all my computer information. Please can somebody advise me how to overcome this problem of adding more than one track to my videowave project. The Add Background Audio selection box has now locked up and wont allow any navigation or selection of music. I have rebooted and done a little dance and waited, guess what still nothing. Can someone please help. DxDiag.txt