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    No Display?

    Hello Adil! Could you please make a photo of your connections. Maybe there's someting wrong.
  2. brovem


    Hello msadler! We need some additional info about your problem. And also details about your system.
  3. brovem

    Roxio On Older Tv

    Hello CarrEternal! Could you please post here some images of your connectors etc? It'd much easier to find the right solution.
  4. brovem

    New Computer With Windows 7 But Lost Disc

    Hello! You can call to support, I think. Also I think that you can download the software and input your serial number.
  5. brovem

    Critical Registry Key Needed

    Hello Ted Cox! Check this thread with the same issue with "critical registry keys": http://forums.support.roxio.com/topic/76994-critical-registry-keys-needed-for-this-application-missing/ Hope this'll help you. Good luck!
  6. brovem

    All Your Drives Are Set To Disabled

    Thank you both - Brendon, PeterPen. It works now! Cheers from Asia)
  7. brovem

    Error -39, Eyetv Recording To Dvd In Toast 09...

    Hello Robert! Thank you very much for you post. It's very good when someone make full bug report with "How to solve it".
  8. Hello sknis! But is it possible to use EMC10 with W7 with some type of "Windows XP" mode? Or with similar thing?
  9. brovem

    Happy Holidays To All!

    Hello everybody! Happy holidays and new year for all of you! Good luck! Have fun!