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  1. Just to clarify so I don't look (more)nuts: my SD tv is in my room, beside my desktop and xbox. To record on the HDTV it required me to move EVERYTHING minus the old tv into my living room so it's why I'd like to get slightly better quality recordings on my Standard Def tv. Ease of use and less ''I WANNA WATCH MY SHOWS''
  2. Hi, OS is Windows 7 ultimate, yep your correct, I have the official component cable! I tried all the options, believe it or not. Thank you for the reply BTW. I believe it's just the tv....it's on it's way out...here's a quick video on my HDTV: As opposed to the best my SDTV could come up with... different games but you get the idea, it's sad I can't play in SD and record in SD. Still, I'd best get saving for a new television.
  3. Hi! So I have a ''normal'' SD Roxio game cap for the 360, I have the component cable and all that hooked up so that it works on my Standard Def(I know I know, it's 2012 go HD....bla) TV and also runs alongside my Turtle Beach headset. On the preview screen all I see is this, whatever this is..(See attachment) The audio is PERFECT! Completely in sync with my xbox. I live in Ireland so the settings on my Roxio are at default, input is 480p/576p etc.. The TV Standard is set to Pal b as it is at default settings. Computer Specs: 2GB RAM 160HDD AMD Athlon Dual Core, 1.90hz processor. Some sort of ''graphics accelerator'' (specs taken from CCleaner) Everything runs smoothly on my tv and Turtle Beaches, no problems. It's just that jittery flickering I can't seem to shake on the preview screen. I have now tried 3 different methods of setting up the device(using splitters and the like) one meaning I can't even use my Turtle Beaches, all of them have the same problem. Now it's possibly my tv but that makes me sad as everything is set up nice and lovely in my room so moving everything into the living room *just* to record is silly, not to mention I only bought this to record games when I'm palying with friends and upload the insane moments that always happen as we play Reason why I believe it's NOT my pc: I switched the component switch thingy on my xbox to HD and fiddled with the settings on the capture bit, the picture in my TV went dark as expected and EVERYTHING RECORDED PRETTY WELL on my pc with no lag or flickering...just mild blurriness. The editing software works a treat too, it's just the quality. Do I need to change TV's? There's a HUGE SD tv I could try fit where my current one is but that's it. Excuse all the writing my capacity to explain stuff like this sucks. Hopefully someone can make sense of this and help me out, it probably is my TV. :'( Thank you for reading! Joe
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    I Have No Idea What I Am Doing..

    I had the same problem, a quick computer restart fixed it. If that doesn't work and you have re-installed the software then you are probably screwed. Edit: You should remove the software, RESTART, re-install. If that doesn't fix it then..........you're probably screwed.
  5. Hey there, as the title says I'm thinking of getting a game capture device but I'm iffy on a few details, I have an older TV that I play in 480P with. Is it cool if I play in 480P and record at the same time? Will the videos come out as 480P also? I have the white XBOX 360 and I have the cable with the red white and yellow connections in my television and I have the green blue and red spare, will I need to use these with the device or will I need to buy any extras? (On Amazon it gave me the option to buy thishttp://www.amazon.co.uk/Component-High-Definition-Cable-xBox/dp/B002NQ1QG6/ref=pd_bxgy_vg_h__img_b ) I did see the Admins post about the video for connecting to older tv's which I will watch later as that Q above may be answered in the video. I don't have a NASA computer but it does pass the minimum specs test so all should be well that end but what's the best format to record/edit in for Quality. I should note that I'll be using this to record BF3 sessions (Yes I do play it in SD....for now) with friends and random epic clips that I feel are youtube worthy, so nothing serious but I want decent audio/video quality and I will be playing in HD soon so buying a pinnacle or Dazzle would be pointless! I think that's all I'm confused about for now....until I buy it, I'll probably be back then. Thanks for reading