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  1. ISSUE...resolved!!!

    Thanks for all the help everyone!!!

  2. Bumfuzzled Too

    No Signal

    My sincere apologies, Ogdens it is.... , I had never tried the camera until just the other day connected to my TV. That's when I joined the discussion group. It performs very well connected to the TV. So I knew it could be connected to my PC so as to record, edit and save my survellance. The camera output is B/W. I wanted to be able to capture the video onto my PC. We've got a that's been causing problems.....won't go any farther with that, as this is NOT the place to be discussing this. Anyway, I need to be able to keep an eye on the premisis, and can't be seen doing it. So, the best way to do this is what I, WE have been trying to accomplish. I need evidence...and I like to know what is going on outside and we don't have very large windows in our house. Hardly any at all, except in the kitchen and living room which face the backyard behind a privacy fence. We are on the Gulf Coast, about 30 miles from the beach, so the house was built with small windows for storm, (Hurricane) reasons. :unsure:They need not be boarded up from high winds. They would only break if an object would actually impact the window with a great amount of force. We live in a big neighborhood, and a good one to boot full of very good people who watch out for each others safety. Houses are fairly close together which is also good in case of a hurricane or any kind of very strong winds too. Also, elevation is a little over 20 feet here @ the house. I sure do SINCERELY appreciate the assistance in getting this issue accomplished!!!! Couldn't have accomplished it as quickly without your input and output...you are truly a Godsend! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! You have my e-mail address, so let's keep in touch if you'd like! I am disabled, (spinal injuries in my neck and back w/degenerative disc disease and of course, my old friend "Arth Ritis".) Dad died a decade and a half ago and I live w/my mother and tend to her needs as best I can...I'm a veteran, so you can bet I'll accomplish whatever I try to do..., and I'm not afraid to say it, and I have an abundace of pride , and a lot of respect and concern for other peoples safety and well being. I took the oath to "Protect and Serve Our Country", and once you do.....it never, ever leaves you heart and soul. Thanks again, Ogden, you too Steve...Bumfuzzled Too, but the issue has been resolved after running that last test. The system is functioning just as I hoped it would. Now I can get everything organized once again..... HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS!
  3. Bumfuzzled Too

    No Signal

    Thanks Jim!!! Awaiting message...
  4. Bumfuzzled Too

    No Signal

    This is the combo VCR-VHS / DVD Player I'm trying to run the setup through at the present time. Any suggestions?
  5. Bumfuzzled Too

    No Signal

    Doesn't "Easy VHS to DVD" mean VHS Tape to DVD?
  6. Bumfuzzled Too

    No Signal

    Happy New Year Jim, Steve, and everyone else out there who lends a helping hand trying to make this program work for others!!!!!! The program: Roxio Easy VHS to DVD. Version: 1.2.198 SP2; Build:121B98A, VHS; 500B35A, VHS Roxio Common UI Framework~ Version: 1.8.3489.2383 Roxio Central Framework~ Version: 1.8.3543.39061 PX Engine Wrapper~ Version: 5.00.12a PX Engine~ Version: 4.18.16a, 47 Audio Apps Launcher~ Version: 5.0.3504.21389 Backup Launcher~ Version: 5.0.3504.21369 Basic Burn Launcher Plugin~ Version: 5.0.3504.21385 Media Import Launcher Plugin~ Version: 5.0.3504.21410 MediaManager Launcher Plugin~ Version: 5.0.3504.21381 MediaManager Launcher Plugin~ Version: 5.0.3504.21382 Online Sharing Plugin~ Version: 5.0.3504.21366 PhotoShow Launcher~ Version: 5.0.3504.21376 Plug and Burn Launcher Plugin~ Version: 5.0.3504.21436 Roxio Central Audio~ Version: 5.0.3527.28375 Roxio Central Burn Support~ Version: 4.5.3527.28362 Roxio Central CinePlayer Plugin~ Version: 4.5.3483.34228 Roxio Central Home~ Version: 5.0.3544.37991 Roxio Central Labeler Support~ Version: 5.0.3527.28364 Roxio Central Search Support~ Version: 5.0.3527.28372 Label Creator Launcher Plugin~ Version: 5.0.3504.21402 Label Creator Launcher Plugin~ Version: 5.0.3504.21403 Venue Launcher~ Version: 5.0.3504.21373 Video Wave/My DVD Launcher Plugin~ Version: 5.0.3504.21447 Roxio Central Tools~ Version: 5.0.3527.28377 All Copyright 'c' Sonic Solutions Ok, Jim, sorry but don't get what you mean about the connections you referred to in post #23. I'm not using a monitor. I have been able capture from an old "plain jane" DVD player. I have also, just last night, connected a combo VCR/DVD player with the VCR recording feature. I can capture from this unit only DVD. When I try to capture from the VCR, I see the REC, PLAY video in the small window of the program, but I cannot capture the video. I have the "No Signal" showing up in Status: No Signal. But I can capture the DVD signal from the same unit?!? I can even see what has been recorded when I play back the video from the VCR that is coming in from the camera in the small program window, but no capture...and STATUS: NO SIGNAL. As explained above...I do have the settings set for DV from the drop down, AVI below that and input Composit Video. I tried using the Digitize LPs and Tapes and can capture the audio coming in from my camera. This works very well. No go on the Plug and Burn either. I wish I had video out on my digital TV so I could run through it as a monitor, but there are none. No TV in the house to try as a monitor to try that type of connection... Still Buimfuzzled Too...
  7. Bumfuzzled Too

    No Signal

    Not yet, my old friend "Arth Ritis" is visiting me today. So I'm not moving very fast... today so please bear with me...Will try that in just a few.
  8. Bumfuzzled Too

    No Signal

    Jim, I should mention that I'm not using a monitor. I'm going straight to the Roxio USB from the RS controller box. I don't think that would make any difference. I tend to think you may be on the right track that the Version of Roxio that I'm using ( 121B98A ), has been overlooked by us all. I was not aware that there was another version of the software. Thanks again, USMMO
  9. Bumfuzzled Too

    No Signal

    This is what I'm seeing when the program starts. So I must have a different Build or Version as you have explained. Thanks Jim...Awaiting reply.
  10. Bumfuzzled Too

    No Signal

    That is the normal set up you have displayed. Now with you mentioning what build or version I'm using...it's version ~ 121B98A ~. The screen you have displayed is NOT the same as I get when the program begins to run.
  11. Bumfuzzled Too

    No Signal

    Yes, this is the normal set up.
  12. Bumfuzzled Too

    No Signal

    So, no go connecting straight to the roxio connector. Connecting back to the box, I get audio and video once again to the program, but still cannot capture. It was a good idea Jim. Still bumfuzzled. Thanks, still thinking too...
  13. Bumfuzzled Too

    No Signal

    Tried connecting the camera straight to the roxio usb. The connection from the camera is a six prong, and the usb input is 4 prong. I assume the extra 2 prongs on the camera side supply connection 12V to to the camera. Being there are only 4 prongs on the roxio side,, the power from the dvd player is already supplied by the player itself. Therefore it is a 4 prong too. Just like the Roxio USB connection. So, evidently the camera has to have a 12V power supply going to it in the other 2 prongs, 1 pos 1 neg. The camera would seem to need power for the infrared night audio signal to be sent to the monitor or TV.
  14. Bumfuzzled Too

    No Signal

    The box has a cat. no. 49-2513. And another # that may or may not be important... 11A00 . The stcker with the cat # also says Power DC-12V for power to box. I'm thinking like you now that the Roxio USB converter may supply the needed power from the USB port. The box may be for sending the signal to the moniter or TV. The USB converter may need to replace the original monitor power box, thus being in the way as it is being currently connected............ Makes sense? Thanks again.
  15. Bumfuzzled Too

    No Signal