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    How To Copy And Paste Video And Text?

    all videos are in .mp4 format, even the one that im able to hear the audio from is in mp4 format
  2. RCdude

    How To Copy And Paste Video And Text?

    Guys you have been the biggest help ever! i have completed the DVD and it looks great, some pictures are a little out of the frame but its ok. Dvd's are up and running and the no menu option is working out great!!! thanks for your help, but my final question is this i have about 5 videos all which have audio in them. the first video (which is a 2 minute commercial) works fine and has audio. but the other 4 videos play fine but no audio is heard... so i see the video but do not hear the audio. anyway to fix this?
  3. RCdude

    How To Copy And Paste Video And Text?

    awsome i got it, but im having a problem when i view it on a dvd player. its like the DVD is stretched out, like the ratio isnt correct and i have words going from the left side of the screen all the way to the right. it looks fine on the preview, but when i put it in a dvd player, the words are cut off...ill insert a pic to show what i mean inside the red square is what i see on the tv. my tv settings are on normal (i even tried it with sidebar setting) and it still shows up cut off. also the aspect ratio i chose when i first started was Normal 4:3
  4. RCdude

    How To Copy And Paste Video And Text?

    ok the exporting thing worked great, but now to create the dvd, i want like you said and have no menus and strictly just play the video once the dvd is in the player... can you guide me step by step on how to do this?
  5. hey guys, im making this commercial type dvd for my job, its got videos and pictures of all the stuff we have, the dvd so far came out to 7 min long, which is perfect. now i want to copy and paste this 7 minutes to make the dvd a full 90 minutes long. so the same 7 minutes video would basically replay for the 90 minutes. i can copy and past the video no problem, but i added text effects to the video and for some reason i can't copy and paste the text effects. is there anything i can do? im looking to replay the same 7 minute video through out the whole time. thanks in advanced for your help