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    Wrong Cd Key - Emc 9

    The problem was resolved by using Revo Uninstall. Thanks to all for your time Robert
  2. R_Duke

    Wrong Cd Key - Emc 9

    xx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx is the CD Key - That is the format of the number I have been using. It is the only one I have. I am using upper case. It compares OK with the one recorded in Roxio account.
  3. R_Duke

    Wrong Cd Key - Emc 9

    I do not mind any questions that you may ask. I do not know the difference between CD and TSID. I have only had and ever used the one key. It is 17 characters long and a combination of letters and numbers and as you can see by the one attachment is divided into 4 groups, the first is 2 characters and the other 3 are 5 characters I will try the Revo Uninstaller once I know where to get it. Can you let me know? Can you also let me know what you mean by MODERATE mode
  4. R_Duke

    Wrong Cd Key - Emc 9

    No updates to the operating system yes to registry cleaner (very recent, CCleaner)
  5. R_Duke

    Wrong Cd Key - Emc 9

    None of the following are present in the key - number 0, lower and/or upper case O, number 1 and lower/upper case L
  6. R_Duke

    Wrong Cd Key - Emc 9

    INSTALLED IT 5 OR 6 TIMES in the past (a guess as I never kept track) BOUGHT RETAIL THE ERROR MESSAGE IS "The CD key that you entered is not valid. Please re-enter your CD key and try again" Key.pdf
  7. I went to create a video DVD and on starting this from the main menu I was informed that this needed to be activated. This process failed with the error "The CD key is invalid". Retry's did not help. I de-installed the entire Easy Media Creator 9 suite and attempted a complete re-install. When it asked for the CD key (near the start of the install) I put it in and was informed that the key was invalid. The key I used is the one I have always used on earlier re-installs. I have this key recorded in 2 places as well as on my registration page with Roxio so I know it is correct. I also had someone else verify the key. I tried to install this software on another machine and it failed with the same error. The original machine had Vista on it and the 2'nd machine was XP. Does anyone have an answer for this one Thanks R_Duke