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    Toast 11?

    I just received notification from Roxio of Creator 2010 which I use on my PC. When I switched to the MAC I purchased Toast 10 as it appears to be the same product but for the MAC. Does anyone know if the release schedule of the 2 products are in any way tied in and if we could be expecting a release of V 11 of Toast any time soon?
  2. gasport

    New To Mac And Toast 10

    Thanks, I meant LightZone. I will have to look at the options available with Pro as Amazon does not ship for several days.
  3. gasport

    New To Mac And Toast 10

    I just ordered Toast Titanium 10 Standard. (did not realize that the Pro version includes the HD BD plug-in) So I can either cancel the order and upgrade to the Pro version or just buy the plug-in. I already have Lightroom, and really do not see a need for the other Pro applications. I just started on the Mac with a new iMac 3.06. I am moving over from the PC where I have used Nero and Creator 2009. I also purchased a JVC HD Everio, which unfortunately, does not provide a Mac version of the included software, hence my purchase of Toast (hoping it is as good as Creator 2009). I have a HDTV and a BR player. I do not plan on creating BR disks at this time since the iMac does not support BR and the disks are way too expensive. From what I have been reading, I can download the video from the camera (I got the one with the SD card slots) and edit the video in Toast. Now this is where I get confused. Can I 1. Use a card reader to download the video into Toast instead of using the camera via USB? 2. Do in Toast what Roxio shows in their tutorials on AVCHD using Creator 2009? They do not seem to have as many tutorials and articles on Toast, unless I am not looking in the right place. 3. The plug-in allows you to create BR video on non BR DVD disks. I have read that you cannot get much content on a regular 4.7 DVD, but still have not seen if you can get more content onto a DL DVD disk. Does anyone know if this will basically double the amount of video you can put on the a non BR Disk? Thanks for any help and if anyone has some links to sites that deal with Toast and BR that would be appreciated.
  4. One of the big selling points of Creator 2009 is the ability to create audio books from CDs. I borrow them from the library and convert them manually and load to my iPod. It is not a difficult process as I just need to rip them and then convert to audiobook format. There is a free application that does this nicely. I got Creator 2009 because it completed this process easily and was also able to retain the book title and author as well as deal with multiple disks easily. The only problem is that it keeps crashing on me. This is either during the ripping process where it will complete a disk and hang, or hang during the ripping process. The other times is when I either import them to iTunes or my iPod. The only good thing is that it remembers the project and I can pick right up after I restart the program. Has anyone else had this problem? Any possible solutions?
  5. gasport

    Toast 9

    Has anyone heard whether there will be a new version of Toast or Toast 9 coming out in the immediate future?