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    Mix Editor Volume

    Creator 2011 Sound Editor. I've been using this program for years but what has me stumped is that the Mix Editor volume is so much lower than the clip editor. I've adjusted the individual tracks volumes of the mix editor sometimes 100%. I've also turned the main volume up of the Sound Editor as well but even with that the Mix Editor volume is still pretty weak and that makes the clip editor much louder in comparison. Turning my speaker volumes up causes me to have to adjust them down when dealing with the clip editor. Lowering the volume in the Clip Editor also affects the mix editor volume. Are there any thoughts on this out there?
  2. When I flatten canvas the photo shifts right and down. It creates a line around the top and left side edge. Any clues on how to avoid that. I guess I shouldn't mind and just change my canvas to black which gives me a thicker border on those sides of an already unwanted border. But I do composts and cookie cut a lot and this plays heck on that process. I think this has been discussed but I tried to find that thread with out success.
  3. David2012

    Overlays Effects

    I notice while using the tumble fly effect in the overlay that the object can only be seen during the front part of the tumble. I'm using chroma key over a timeline background. Did I miss something in the instructions or is this just the nature of the beast? I'm using Videowave 11 I've got a partial solve. I put two of the same image but one flipped horizontally on their own overlay track. while in still mode I rotate the flipped image 180 degrees and 180 for the Y rotate. Then I switch it to tumble and that seems to work fairly well.
  4. David2012

    Panel(S) Delete Or Cut Shortcut

    thanks guys. great minds think alike.
  5. working with videowave 11 I sometimes add a series of panels all at one time but decide later to cut or delete them after doing several edits and such to other panels making using the undo feature a non option. Is there a shortcut using a key board feature and my cursor to select a series of panels or am I regulated to eleminating them one at a time? I just solved my own problem. Go to storyboard. Hold down the Ctrl and the A keys while selecting the panels and transitions one at a time. when done selecting them release the keys go to the tool bar. Click edit. Click delete or cut. Saves a heck of a lot of time.
  6. Or you can try the tried and true option. Go to tools, click options, click hardware. That nas been a time and frustration saver for me.
  7. I may have solved my problem partially. I've been using Videowave to do a slideshow. I have all the same options in slideshow after I have added my photos. I found that it is easier to tweek my pan and zooms after starting it in slideshow mode. As for transitions you're forced to pick an option. If you leave the transitions before your pan and zoom tweaking the effect will end before the transition is complete so you end up with a frozen image in your transition. So when you get to the editor just remove all transitions in the theme option first then set you photo trim. After tweaking the P and Z add the transitions and trim as you will. It's not perfect because if you change your pan and zoom you do end up with a slightly thicker black line at the top than if you leave it to the program but it stays uniform throughout the whole production. There is still a problem of panning from darker sections to brighter sections of the photo but that's something I can live with by hit or miss until it's right. Some people would say try another program but I like the format and the skin I guess you would call it. The black background of most the others is hard on the eyes for me. So here's living with it. PS Is there a spell check here?
  8. Are you watching in 720p? That's what I'm using and the HTML5 player as well. As you can tell I used a lot of still shots from old movies and had to tweek them as well as unblimish skin becuase of aging and anomollies in the photos. Some of the effects such as those in Cleopatra are puposeful. I even dumb down some of the colors as well for effect. My only concern are the lines that are hardly there in Arabian Sights but do appear very occasionly in Cleopatra but only after hours of tweeking. Perhaps You could experiment with still shots of your own using a white screen to see for your self what I mean. I know there is no work around and perhaps I'm just venting my frustration. I use either the video wave crop or Roxio Photo Suite. But it makes no different as the lines are there through out the pan and zoom. Thanks for checking it out though. Perhaps I could make a demo so you can see what I mean. Yea, I'll try that.
  9. I have not used it for any video until resently, I'm doing a short parody of the final battle in Lord Of The Rings. But I use it with photos. I crop them dowm to 16x9 when possible but I've spent many hours experimenting and regardles of the size or ratio the same (anomaly) occurs with many hours of trying to adjust these photos in the editor. B ut what it does do is take away from the artist creativity as an editor some what by forcing you to use a slightly in larged image with differently framing. I even have to use my magnifier to see these lines in the pan and zoom editor. Then I change my background to white in my preview screen just to make sure I've got it right and then manually move the frames back and forth as you have to make these adjustments at the start and ending frames and any keyframes if you have them. I also have a problem if my edges are dark but move into a color area because you can't see the black lines in the editor. I guess for most people this doesn't matter but here are two examples of my work were I believe it has made my work a little harder. I post on youtube and use their HTML5 player to avoid frame jitters. http://youtu.be/-icVV9chGRQ and http://youtu.be/M9bbkYugUSA You can tell on the Cleopatra video I wasn't completely succesful in getting the line to stay as thin as possible and the Arabiam sights video is a good example of going from black to color in the images.
  10. I have the same problem. If you look at the edges of the main screen of the editor you'll see the lines appear and disappear as you resize the red frame The lines will alternate from side to side and change in size as you adjust the box. Adjusting from different corners affect where the lines appear or disappear. It's a weird setup. My problems are 3 fold. The lines show up in the final product ruining any attempt of a professional video. The pan zoom screens are too small making seeing these lines difficult. When using photos or video with darker edges it is almost impossible to see the lines yet they still show up in the final product as an anomalies. A fix would be a background color changer in the pan zoom editor and larger screens in the pan zoom editor. Seeing as the actual program hasn't evolved much in generations (I use Creator Pro 2011) I wouldn't hold my breath.
  11. David2012

    Movie Hangs Up In Preview At Text Point

    just stumbled on that. Thanks anyway. wow I was watching the rifleman and a guy was looking at a piece of paper and kinda adjusted the distance to read it and it dawned on me that the font was to large. I would still like to get the other problem cured perhaps this'll clear it up too.
  12. David2012

    Movie Hangs Up In Preview At Text Point

    You are correct but in the other post with Jim_Hardin I've run into another problem.
  13. David2012

    Movie Hangs Up In Preview At Text Point

    I have 834 GB of 916 GB free. I also have another problem that's just popped up. I tried to make my own template for rendering in the create video file in the Make Movie window but the tab is below the bottom of the window but only with the Windows Media Video 9 1280x720 vbr. setting which happens to be the setting I use to render for YouTube uploads. I use that one for various reasons. But the render window can't be expanded or shorten. I've re-installed after uninstall and tried various work arounds but only with some fleeting success but it has been hit or miss. None seems to be permanent. You asked about the project. This is a 7 minute video 7.50 second photo trim and 2.50 second dissolve transitions. with one wipe. Only two text boxes one only a few seconds which doesn't hang and the other is 2 min 19 sec. I can't show it as the song writer hasn't OK'd a release as of yet. I just finished a Lord Of The Ring in 25 minutes pictorial with around 500 photos with more than half that many sound bites. I had opening and ending credits with no hangups. Of course I didn't use the pan and zoom editor on it. Maybe I'll try that in a re-edit. http://youtu.be/ASUjD5oqXI0
  14. David2012

    Movie Hangs Up In Preview At Text Point

    I have 834 GB of 916 GB free. I also have another problem that's just popped up. I tried to make my own template for rendering and the create video file in the Make Movie window is below the bottom of the window but only with the Windows Media Video 9 1280x720 vbr. setting which happens to be the setting I use to render for YouTube uploads. I use that one for various reasons. But the render window can't be expanded or shorten.
  15. (Creator Pro 2011) My movie preview hangs up at the text box for a couple of seconds as the indicator reaches it. The audio continues but the visual and text stop and then jumps to the place it should be after a couple of seconds. The text is scrolling text but it does it no matter the setting. It is also at a dissolve transition point but I've played with that with no results. It so upsetting because it's the ending credits "B-roll" and the last element of the video. The needle indicator hangs as well as the counter. I have a: Gateway, DX4822, Pentium Dual-Core CPU E5300 @ 2.60GHz each. 6.00 GB of ram, NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 Video Card with 1 GB of DDR3 ram, 834 GB HHD free .