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    Unable To Burn In Avchd

    Ok, what I've done is created a 10 minute slideshow using jpeg images and 3d themed transitions. I tried to burn directly to dvd using the AVCHD option. I also tried saving the slideshow and creating an mp4 and reopening to my dvd. The exact error is: Project_BuildToDevice()Authorscript Call Failed -error while writing Format The other option I tried is to save an Image file but got the same error. It seems it's not a disk error. Windows Vista SP2 Toshiba Notebook AMD Turion 64x2 32 bit OS ATI Radeon x1200 Series Thanks, Rod K
  2. rodk

    Unable To Burn In Avchd

    hi everyone, hope someone can help ... I am using a toshiba satellite laptop with 3gb of ram and windows vista. I am trying to create a slideshow using Videowave and would like to make it AVCHD. When the program gets to the disk burning stage an error occurs stating error writing format. Everything works fine if I choose DVD. Any help would be appreciated. thank you, Rod K
  3. rodk

    Creating 3D Slideshow In Videowave

    Hi, first time here. I got roxio 2012 as I am an avid photographer and interested in 3d. I tried reading other forums, but haven't found anybody else having my issues. Maybe I'm just slow, but I hope someone can get me on the right track. I start by creating the photos with my slr(side by side), then create the 3d image in 3d photo creator. I can save them as .mpo can play directly on my Panasonic 3d plasma TV with no problem. The problems start when i want to use the slideshow creator in videowave. After loading the photos and transition theme, I save the project and attempt to send to my dvd and create an AVCHD with fit todisk as an option. Two different errors occur: unable to render and invalid function call. Is my computer hooped? Or, do I need a special video card/pc to render 3d images with this software? This may be vague and I apologize but I'm not sure what questions to ask or where to go with this. Any help or further questions greatly appreciated. thanks, Rod k