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  1. The DVD is for a Blu-Ray. It has 4 Clips on it. The first is a MP4 video which encodes fine. I have tried he second as an MP4, AVCHD 1440x1080/24p, MPEG-2 1920x1080, and couple other options. They were all made using videowave. It crashes while encoding the second movie. I really want to keep the high quality of the video. Help Please. For clarity, I created the videos that I am using in videowave. When I was creating the DVD in myDVD is when it crashed. It did so while encoding the second movie.
  2. Sorry 64 bit I tried the second movie which is where the process was freezing as an mpg and this time the program crashed and closed at that point.
  3. Windows 7 Home Premium Systemax ode SYX-H61M-E23 Intel Core i7-2600k CPU @3.40 GHz 8 GB Ram 6 Bit Operating System I TB Hard Drive, 170 GB Free Nvidia GeForce GT 440 The videos were all created from Roxio VideoWave They are all MP4 videos
  4. When I try to create a DVD, my computer freezes. If I go into options and change it to hardware, I can get it to go to 7% before it stops. If I use the software option it doesn't get off of 0%. I have tried to create a disc image and set folders. Neither works any better. I have restarted my computer, defragmented the hard drive. Nothing seems to work. Please Help me!