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    Program Won't Open

    We recently needed to change our boot drive on the computer and reload the programs. For some reason, DVDit Pro HD will not open. When we click it, the initial bitmap pops on the screen for less than one second and then disappears. We receive no error message either...simply nothing upon this quick blink of the icon. We have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program but receive the same problem. We could use some help please Thanks, Mark Salloum
  2. VideoMagicPro

    End Of File -100003

    We recently updated to Windows 7 only to find out that it isn't compatible with DVDit ProHD. However, it did load and we received the error, "end of file -100003". I reverted our computer back to Windows XP and we are encountering the same error message. We thought it was related to Windows 7, but obviously not, as we have tried authoring 3 new projects in XP only to get the same error message each time. We've been using this software for nearly 2 years, so it's not new to us, but the problem is. PLEASE HELP Thanks in advance, Mark