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  1. Jim,


    I plugged the Roxio Video Capture USB into my Windows 7 laptop (the one that will not allow me to install Creator 2011). It saw the USB device when I plugged it in but only installed the driver for the USB 2861 device and NOT the Roxio Video Capture USB. I used a different video capture s/w and it did not see any USB video input.


    Is there some way I can get the driver for the video capture device without installing the entire suite?


    Thanks for all your help.



  2. Then the Device itself is faulty!



    But if the device is faulty why does it work on a different PC running a different OS (Windows XP)?


    I really need to get this working on Windows 7 Pro. I get periodic little zzzts (buffer overrun?) on the XP, and transferring the 25-35 GB files to an interim USB-1 drive and then to the newer PC is REALLY slow.


    This is really weird!





  3. OK, Coach,


    I've done those things and done a Repair on Creator 2011. NO CHANGE. Still doesn't recognize a video signal.


    Just for grins I installed Creator 2011 on an old Dell XP machine that I was cleaning out prior to getting rid of it. WORKS FINE. I think I'm going to just leave things the way they are and use the primary installation on my Windows 7 Pro machine for doing music, CDs & DVDs and use the old machine for video capture until I get all my VHS tapes digitized. Then I'll remove it and finish cleaning the machine out.


    Thanks for your help.



  4. Of course things didn't go completly as planned for me - like that never happens :lol:


    I don't have 2011 in reach but running 2010 on Win7 I find that the 'name' of the device is the same as yours:


    post-39730-048029000 1332841880.jpg

    Please make sure that you have the right type of Input selected under Options! (Mine is set to S-Video in this case but you are using Composite)



    Here is what I get when I click "Options". I do NOT get the option to select Composite vs S-Video.


    The adventure continues . . .



    post-101486-049794100 1332886088.gif

    post-101486-074892800 1332886097.gif

  5. What Video Card do you have?


    Thanks, Jim



    Video - ATI Radeon HD 4200


    When I start the "Roxio Media Import" window the ONLY option I get is "Roxio Video Capture USB". The "USB 2861 Device" is not shown, although it IS present in the Device Manager (see screen shot in the opening entry of this thread).





  6. The USB capture device is not showing in your image. Notice the device that is showing in Jim image -USB 2861 Device.


    I realize that. Mine shows "Roxio Video Capture USB". There is a problem here somewhere but I can't understand where.


    Note that my screen image is slightly different from Jim's (Creator 2012 Pro) for the "Roxio Media Import" window. At the very top of the window, just under the Menu bar there are TWO buttons, Photo and Video, with Video selected. In mine (Creator 2011) there is a single Video button. When my window first opens the "Status" shows "No Signal". Then after a couple of seconds (too quick to get a screen capture) the "Video Capture" error window appears and the status changes to "Capture Device Removed". At the same time Windows pops up a window saying the Color Scheme on my PC has been changed.


    The VCR has been connected and playing this entire time.


    I'm really hurting for fresh ideas.


    I'm running Roxio Creator 2011 Special Edition

    Version: 1.3.166 Sp1;

    Build 131866A, R05; 600B60A, R05


    PC: Windows 7 Professional



    post-101486-004881900 1332775128.gif

  7. First, NO Upgrade is going to make it work!



    Of course these devices can fail but it is extremely rare, I have only heard of a couple in the 3 years they have been out :huh:


    Try these things out and let us know how it works out for you???



    Thanks for the reply.


    I tried that and got the result shown in the screen shot. At the time the VCR was connected to the USB device via a (yellow) video cable and regular audio cables and was running, I closed the box showing "Selected video device failed" and there was no change in the main screen.





    post-101486-024517400 1332730824.gif

  8. I bought Creator 2011 Special Edition (with Easy VHS to DVD Build 201B28A, C13 bundled) last year and installed it on my Windows 7 Pro desktop. It has only been the past week that I've had a spare VHS player to use it. When I attempt to capture a VHS tape output the s/w reports "No Video Signal". I know the signal is good because I can plug it directly into the TV set and it is good.


    I have verified that the Device Manager entries are present as mentioned in another thread


    Screen capture is attached.


    Is there any way to troubleshoot the Video Capture USB hardware?


    I note on the Roxio website that there is an upgrade to Easy VHS to DVD v. 3 software. Could this solve the problem? Does the upgrade contain upgraded hardware?


    I'm still working a different problem regarding installing Creator 2011 on my laptop (running Windows 7 Home Premium) instead of my desktop (running Windows 7 Professional). This is on a different thread.



    Thanks for any help.



    post-101486-078730100 1332641326.gif

  9. Quick question. Is your W7 operating the English version?




    Answering both responses:


    My W7 installation is plain ol' English.


    When Creator 2011 Setup starts, the first window, titled "Setup" states "Select your preferred installation language. It then gives a series of choices. "English" is the second choice and is pre-selected.


    When I hit "OK" I get an "Error" window (don't have a screen capture utility on the laptop - sorry) that states:

    This operating system does not meet the minimum requirements for Roxio Creator 2011 Special Edition.

    This product will not be installed.


    Microsoft Windows XP SP2 (64-bit)

    Microsoft Windows XP SP 3 (32 bit)

    Microsoft Vista SP2 (32\64 bit)

    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate (32\64 bit)


    There is no other information provided in the Error window. From my Control Panel System Info:

    Windows 7 Home Premium, 64 bit.


    I'll open the Capture USB issue in a new thread.





  10. Bob, the solution is in the link which Steve Knis posted in his first message on this topic. It's the little blue "Read This"






    Thanks, but I tried that. As I said, on my laptop (Windows Home Premium) the "Compatibility mode" box is greyed out - disabled. I CANNOT uncheck the "Vista mode". When trying to install on the Windows 7 Professional desktop the box is enabled correctly and is unchecked.


    If I'm unable to get the laptop to install I'll be forced to re-install on my desktop (portability issues). The problem here, as reported in a separate posting, on the desktop I can't get the Video Capture USB to detect a video input. I've updated the driver (seems 2009 is the latest) to no avail.


    Again, any ideas?





  11. Now I am confused. You started off with asking about Creator 2011 and now you are asking about VHS to DVD.


    Now I think I am unconfused. tongue.gif There was a version of Creator 2011 that came with both that program and the VHS to DVD program. I thought that was on a different disc. If so, yes, you can install VHS to DVD separately. Even if it is one the same disc, you may be able to just install the VHS to DVD application.


    I think that the original suggestion for the two programs was just to throw the other disc away. In your case, you want the second disc.


    Confusion abounds. Yes, I have the version (on a single DVD) that has Creator 2011 AND VHS to DVD. I can't get to the point on my laptop where I might have the option to install ONLY VHS to DVD. As soon as I select "ENGLISH" the program tells me I don't have a compatible system. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium. Before I started installation I viewed Properties for the Setup.exe file. The "Compatibility mode" box was greyed out, although within it the "Windows Vista" mode was checked. Just for grins I looked at the Setup.exe on my desktop PC running Windows 7 Professional, SP 1. On that machine the "Compatibility mode" box was enabled.


    I attempted to reinstall Creator 2011 on the Desktop. It does NOT give me the option to install Creator 2011 and VHS to DVD separately. I then aborted the install.


    Does anyone have any ideas how to get Creator 2011 to install on the laptop? I really need the portability so I can transcribe my old VHS tapes.





  12. . . . you agreed to use it on only one computer so if you want to use it on the laptop, you have to remove it from the desktop.



    Thanks. I thought that most s/w allowed both a "Home" and "Mobile" installation. I wanted to put VHS2DVD on the laptop and then carry the laptop upstairs to my TV/VCR. I guess I'll have to buy another VHS machine and set it up in my office.


    Is it possible to just install VHS2DVD and not the entire Creator 2011 suite?


    Thanks again,



  13. Need to move this post up one level to Creator 2011 Forum - sorry.


    I've installed Creator 2011 on my desktop (Windows 7 Pro) and want to install it on my laptop (Windows 7 Home). The installer starts on the laptop and then reports that it cannot recognize the operating system. It says it must have Windows XP. Vista or 7.

    What do I need to do to get it to recognize the O.S.? I need it on the laptop in order to use the Video Capture software.



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