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    Photoshow Vs. Roxio Creator 2012?

    Thank you both for your replies! I have Roxio Creator Starter, which came with my new Dell laptop. What do I want? Well, I'm a woman so I want everything! LOL It would be great if I could make a biography/photo album by scanning in all the old photos of my son growing up to make a nice book&dvd. But it doesn't seem that Roxio offers anthing that allows you to write, besides just captions, right? Also for future events, vacations, etc. I like the slide shows. They are fantastic and something that everyone enjoys. So, I think I may start with upgrading to Roxio 2012 since it offers "more".
  2. What's the difference between upgrading to "premium" PhotoShow versus Upgrading my Roxio Creator to the 2012 version??