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  1. We have a bunch of video tapes that were transferred to DVD using Sony's VRD-VC20 device. All it did was transfer the videos and create an introductory menu. Fast forward a few years and now I want to take the VOB files into Roxio and make edited versions of the home videos. So far I've not been able to import them using Copy & Convert or Videowave. The DVDs play so I know the files are not corrupted. I've tried other VOB files that were not created using Sony's device and these will import. Support told me to defrag, check available space (40% free) on the hard drive, update the video drivers, send them the DXDiag.txt file, try using Videowave to convert to AVI and then to MPG. I've done all this and it still does not work. Has anyone experienced this and found a way to convert the files? BTW, I downloaded AVS Video Converter as a test. It successfully converts the files with a splash screen in the middle of the converted video(must purchase to elimnate this). This proves that the files can be converted. I don't want to purchase additional software when Roxio should be able to do the conversion. Dell XPS 8100, ATI Radeon HD 5700, Win 7 64 bit Premium.
  2. Shullings

    Creator Pro 2012 User Manual

    I'm looking for a user manual for Creator Pro 2012. There doesn't seem to be one on the install discs. Is there one that can be downloaded?
  3. I purchased Pro 2012. I have the USB Capture Device & software from Creator 2009 SE. Will it work with Creator Pro 2012?