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    No Video With Component Cables

    Nevermind.....I found the problem. For others with this issue, go up to Tools/Options and for Input, change from S-video to Component video.
  2. I am trying to transfer VHS tapes to Roxio NXT. I am using the older style Roxio Video Capture device with component cable (red/white/yellow). I am getting the sound to transfer but no picture. The "Roxio Media Import" status shows "No Signal". Should I be able to transfer with this cable setup or am I missing something? Thanks.
  3. Based on some advice in other posts, I went to the Control Panel, Add/Remove programs and clicked on the Roxio NXT Pro. From there I did a repair and everything seems to work again.
  4. After not using Roxio NXT for a few months, I tried to transfer some video from a Sony HDR-HC7 to the computer using the Roxio Media Import. It takes about 30 seconds or so just open up the main capture screen. At that point all seems normal. I can start the tape on the camcorder and I can see/hear the image in the Capture screen. When I hit "Capture now", it appears to be transferring, but at the top of the screen the message "(Not Responding)" shows up for a few seconds and then disappears. Then when I hit the "Stop Capture", I get an Unknown Capture Error" message. In looking through the forum I didn't see any recommendations to fix this. Recently there were some automatic upgrades in the computer, and I'm wondering if one of these upgrades is causing the error. I am using Windows 7, 64 bit. Here is the screen capture. Any recommendations?
  5. cdanteek - On my previous post I noted that I did find the issue. Thanks.
  6. I solved it. On the Media Import, under the capture screen there is an icon for the sound. There was a small red X in there. Once I clicked it, I could here the sound through the video. Thanks for the help? I think we are all solved now!!!
  7. It appears everything is on and running. The speaker levels are up (I can hear the sounds when I play back the video), under the Sound/Recording/Line In...I can see the scale on the right side moving up/down with the sounds. I guess the question is....should I be able to hear the audio while the video is being captured?
  8. The only problem is that I do not hear the sound from the video WHILE the video is being transferred. The sound is there, you just cna't hear during the transfer...which I used to hear it with the transfer in Creator 2011.
  9. I did a search and found it.
  10. How do you attach a pic here?
  11. I guess it could have been an exclamation mark. When I put the mouse over it it said driver error or missing data or something similar. I just did an automatic search for a driver software and it said it was successful. I think the same two sound items you showed in your post were there. Once I did the update the yellow mark went away, the the USB Device showed up in NXT.
  12. I didn't have any sound while the video was being imported, but when I play back the video there is sound. In Roxio Creator 2011, I did have sound while the video was being imported. Is there a setting somewhere or is this just a change to NXT?
  13. Right now I see both of them.....BUT....when you asked about the Roxio USB device I saw there was another post here which implied there was an issue with this device. I saw your Device Manager screenshot and when I went to the same location, there was a yield sign next to the Roxio Device. So I did a search for upgrade to the software and it was successful in finding an updated driver. Then when I went back into Media Import, the Roxio Video USB now shows up. I just did a quick capture and it looks like it works the video capture is working but I don't have any sound.
  14. Yes I am using Roxio Creator NXT Pro. And yes I am using a Roxio Video Capture USB connection to go from the camera to the computer.
  15. I just recently upgraded to Roxio NXT. I attempted to import video from a video camera, however in Media Import, it does not recognize the camera. I didn't have any issues with Roxio Creator 2011 using the same setup. What am I missing?